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Glossybox: July 2014

Posted 30 July 2014 By kimberly

The July box is a celebration of American beauty brands.  You might have guessed that it had something to do with the US given the stars and stripes box.  The items in the box are all from American beauty brands, and not really the big ones that you might expect, which is nice.   This was the first […]

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In the last couple of years, Costco has been trying to get a wider, and better, selection of makeup, skin and hair care products.  They’ve always had stuff in kind of a hit or miss fashion, but now they’ve got the Beauty’s Most Wanted collection, a selection of cosmetics from well known stylemakers for makeup, skin […]

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Glossybox: May 2014

Posted 19 May 2014 By kimberly

The theme for the May Glossybox was a celebration of 50 years of Superdrug.  I don’t shop at Superdrug all that often, but they did put together a nice box, so I certainly like that.  The Glossy magazine this month, has teamed up with Superdrug’s DARE magazine to present the history of Superdrug, complete with […]

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Beauty’s Most Wanted Cosmetics at Costco

Posted 27 March 2014 By kimberly

I think I’ve mentioned a couple of times before that my other blog is all about Costco, AddictedToCostco.com.  I actually get a number of my health and beauty products there.  Costco isn’t just for giants buckets of nachos and 24 roll packs of toilet paper.  In the last couple of years, Costco has been trying […]

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Dior Addict Lip Glow

Posted 17 March 2014 By kimberly

I really love lip gloss and have probably way too much of it.  However, I always feel like my lips get dry and chapped too easily if they are left bare and unprotected.  Plus, lip gloss tends to give you a more sheer coverage and doesn’t seem like as much of a commitment as full […]

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