I Want an Artful Appearance

I used to have a very nonchalant attitude towards my beauty regime, but in the last few years, I have tried hard to make some changes.   However, I am still very much a work in progress.  Recently, I decided that I should write a blog to share the experience with anyone else that is having a similar mid-life style crisis, as well as to just keep track of things for myself too.  I’m planning on reviewing make up, as well as hair and skin care products, talking about various beauty tips, and maybe even about fashion (if I’m feeling really brave).

Why did I decide change was needed?

A little over three years ago my husband and I moved from Austin, Texas to London.  While t-shirts and a freshly cleaned face might have been all that I really needed in Austin, I certainly felt frumpy in London with the same look.  My closet used to be like a little piece of the Lands’ End catalog, but I quickly realized that it just didn’t work here in London.  Walking around in my new neighborhood I definitely stuck out as a tourist, even though I wasn’t one anymore!  So, I have started to slowly change my clothing style.  And then last year, I decided that I wasn’t getting any younger (um, 39 is a far cry from young, huh?) and needed to up my game when it came to how I treated my skin, not to mention my sad make up skills.  Like, I should start wearing some make up for starters on a regular basis.  I’ve always been fairly good about using decent cleansers and moisturizers, so my skincare was quite good already.  But you can always do better, right?  And of course, I’m at that age where I need to start getting quite familiar with the anti-ageing products too.

I’d love to have that casually elegant look that seems so effortless to some women.  How do they do that?  Is it hard work?  How do they manage to always keep their hair frizz free?  What’s the secret to having their make up look natural and glowing while still enhancing all the right parts?  And how do you get that style that looks elegant, sophisticated and stylish without looking like it took you hours in the wardrobe?

So, here I am at the age of 40, acting like a girl of 16 that is still trying to find the appropriate look for her make up and clothing.  I’m hoping that writing this blog will allow me to come to grips with my personal style and have that artful appearance that I’ve longed to have for years.

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