Keep Your Makeup Routine Cool When the Weather is HOT

It’s been abnormally hot here in London the last couple of weeks and that has definitely made it hard to keep my face and hair looking its best.  When it is this warm out (and in since air conditioning is a rare thing here) I find that I need to use all kinds of little tips and tricks to keep my cool and make sure my makeup doesn’t just melt off my face after two minutes on the Tube.  Hopefully, some of these will help you keep your cool this summer too.

  1. Put your skin care and liquid foundations in the fridge.  This is one of those tips that has been around for forever and really does help.  I put my facial moisturizer, eye cream,  and liquid foundation in the fridge for a cool treat for my face.  I tried putting my facial serum in there too but it seemed to have an adverse affect on the texture of the serum so it’s back on my shelf in ambient room temperatures.  I think I notice the benefit of the cold fridge temperature on my eye cream the most.  The coolness of the cream around my eye area seems to really help my eyes feel better and I think there’s a bit of puffiness reduction as well.  In general though, having all of these items be cold when I put them seems to help them go on a little better in the heat.
  2. Instead of using so many products on your face, try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer.  During hot weather, it is sometimes just too much to have layer after layer of products on your skin, so cheat and use just one or two layers instead.  There are a lot of BB creams on the market now, so you should have no problem finding one from your favourite brand or one that works for you.  Basically, a BB cream provides you with moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sun protection all in one little cream.  They have a whole host of benefits, actually, and they do vary a bit by the BB cream you choose.  I’ve tried a couple of different ones and haven’t yet hit on a BB cream that is right for me….yet.  So, I do the next best thing and make my own from my moisturizer which has sun protection, my liquid foundation, and a dab of primer.  To mix up my concoction I add the appropriate amounts to the back of my hand and mix them together then apply to my face.  For perfecting it on my face I use a brush, this also makes sure I get even coverage I think.  If you use a mineral makeup you can just add the powder and that will work as well.  Somehow it seems to work and keeps my face feeling a little fresher than if I layer everything up, maybe because I use a little less of everything when I pre-mix it.
  3. Blotting papers or a Kleenex are your friend.  No matter if you are oily or not, hot summer weather brings out the shininess in your skin and to combat that you can do a little blotting after you put on your foundation to help keep your face looking shine-free for longer.  After I apply my foundation I blot lightly with a Kleenex paying special attention to my forehead, upper lip and chin (the T zone) since they are most prone to shine.  Just don’t blot too much or too hard or you’ll undo all of your foundation work.  I’m not the kind of girl to buy blotting papers because I don’t have that big a problem with oiliness on my face, but if you do, I highly suggest getting some.  I’ve tried the ones from DHC and think they are great for the price, plus they are easy to keep in your purse.  But really, whether you use blotting papers or just a Kleenex (toilet paper in a pinch), you can use this little trick year round to de-shine and keep your foundation in place much longer during the day.
  4. Go light with the mascara and eyeliner.  Despite everything you try, you might still get a little “glowy” (or sweaty), in which case your mascara and eyeliner might not handle that too well.  I find that my eyeliner especially can really take a turn for the worse when I get hot.  I think the problem is that I use a pencil type of eyeliner which are wax based and well, you can see how that is going to be a problem.  I have heard that the liquid eyeliners are more likely to stay put, but I haven’t tried them.  I have a waterproof mascara that holds up pretty well when I’m sweaty, unless I forget and rub my eyes (yeah, that’s embarrassing).  However, I have another mascara that is not waterproof and will definitely leave my with racoon eyes if I forget and put that on when I’m going to be hot and sweaty.
  5. Generally, hot weather calls for light makeup.  This is just a personal preference, but I really feel like as the temperature goes up the amount of makeup I wear should go down.  This doesn’t mean you need to go out with a naked face, just avoid the overly made up face I think.  There’s nothing worse than that clumpy over lined and over mascaraed look when it is crazy hot outside.  And often it starts smudging off, no matter if it is waterproof or not.  And eye shadow is often in the same boat, especially if hot weather makes you get a little oily.  When I’m hot, I can fake like I’m cool as a cucumber by having a lightly done face that has a fresh look.

None of my tips are that ground breaking, but they might help you to stay a little cooler when the weather outside is decidedly not cool.  And if all else fails, go to the mall and do a little shopping because the mall is always well air conditioned.

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