Box of Goodies from L’Occitane

Goodies from L'Occitane
Goodies from L’Occitane

Last week I ordered a few things from L’Occitane (lox-e-tan, in case you were wondering how to pronounce it) and when it arrived it felt almost as exciting as getting my first Glossybox (well, my anticipated excitement anyway).  I knew what I had ordered obviously, but really only one of the items was truly familiar to me because the others were things I was trying for the first time.  Plus, L’Occitane gives you a bundle of samples when you place an order online.  So, I got six samples that I was able to choose, plus a special seven day sample pack of another product.  All of this new stuff that I can’t wait to try out.

I’ve never tried L’Occitane really before, except for bath products at a few hotels, but on our recent flights back from Sydney to London the airline had given us a little hand cream from L’Occitane that I absolutely loved and think is perhaps the best one I’ve tried in years.  So naturally I had to get some once we returned to the UK.  That one thing was the whole reason I started looking at their website and browsing through the rest of the products to see if anything else caught my eye.  They were offering free shipping on orders over £40.00, so I was trying to get to that magic number with things that I might like.  As a result I took a gamble on four products that weren’t going to break the bank but seemed like they would be things that I would actually want too.  Here’s what I ordered:

  • Shea Butter Hand Cream,  £19.00
  • Shea Butter Date Bouquet Hand Cream, £4.80
  • Organic Certified Shea Butter Date Bouquet Lip Balm, £5.10
  • Beige Ballet Facecolour Cream Duo, £5.60
  • Envolée Lilas Duo Eyeshadow, £5.60
Date Bouquet Hand Cream & Lip Balm
Date Bouquet Hand Cream & Lip Balm

The hand cream and lip balm with the date scent/flavour is a limited edition item and it does smell as good as I had hoped.  The hand cream is basically the same as the big sized shea butter cream, just with a lovely sweet fruity smell.  The tube is just one ounce, so it is the perfect size to toss in even the smallest purse, or in your carry on luggage, so that you never have to suffer dry hands for a second.  The lip balm has turned out to be really great as well because it makes my lips feel super soft and hydrated but not sticky or oily, plus it too has that delicious sweet fruity smell and taste.  This is also perfect for in your purse or luggage because it is a reasonable 0.5 ounce size.  Both of the hand cream and lip balm are nice and creamy, without feeling heavy, so a little really does go a long way.  These items were on sale when I bought them, always the best time to purchase, so I saved  a bit on each one.  The hand cream was only £4.80 but is regularly £8.00 and the lip balm was only £5.10 but is regularly £8.50.

Beige Ballet Facecolour Cream Duo
Beige Ballet Facecolour Cream Duo

The other two new things that I tried were makeup and I didn’t even realize that L’Occitane did makeup of any kind, I thought they were just about the skin care.  However, the face colour, like a blush and highlighter, is lovely with a creamy feel that goes on smoothly and gives a really natural look to your cheeks.  I think you could use the darker colour for a nice soft bronzer or contouring.  And of course the pearly light colour is great for highlighting.  I used the darker shade as a blush and it looked lovely with my somewhat tan skin.  The lighter colour I used as a little bit of a highlighter on my cheeks but also on my brow bones.  They don’t mention it, however, I am sure you could use that darker shade for a lip colour as well, especially if you pair it with the lip balm to give it a bit of sheen.

Envolée Lilas Duo Eyeshadow
Envolée Lilas Duo Eyeshadow

I also like the eyeshadows, a lavender and a nude colour.  I have been wanting a light purple to try out and this was a great choice because it looks very soft and lovely on and helps to bring out the green tones in my hazel eyes.  I haven’t given either of these the full test yet by seeing how long they last, but so far so good.  I was just looking at the website and realized that I got these items on super sale price.  I paid £5.60 for each of them but now, post-sale pricing is back and they are £14.00 each.  I also love the little compacts that the makeup came in because they have a mirror and a magnetic closure that really does stay put, plus they have a very flat profile.  I can’t wait to give them a bit more of a try; I’ll be sure to let you know if I still like them as much after I’ve used them a while.

Shea Butter Hand Cream (it's awesome!)
Shea Butter Hand Cream (it’s awesome!)

But really, the shea butter hand cream was the main item I couldn’t wait to get my hands on, my very dry hands.  There’s only so long that my little tiny travel size tube could last, but luckily I got the replacement before I was totally out.  The shea butter hand cream contains 20% shea butter and feels so good on your hands and keeps them feeling soft and looking nourished.  The hand cream is rather thick and comes in a tube, like toothpaste, because of that thickness a little bit goes a long way.  Which is good because at nearly £20.00 for the 5.2 ounce tube you wouldn’t want to buy it if you had to use a whole bunch all the time.  The only negative I see is that the tube is metal and I imagine that once it gets down quite low it will be hard to get any more out.  I wasn’t sure why they were selling the “Magic Key” before, so I didn’t bother getting one, but I see now that you really probably do need something to squeeze the tube with more even pressure than you will get with your hand.  Of course, the cream is so completely wonderful I can easily overlook this little packaging issue.  Reviews all over, not just on the L’Occitane website, rave about this cream and once you try it you’ll know why.  Truly, the best at keeping my hands moisturized throughout the day out of all the lotions and creams I’ve tried over the years.  I also have a little rash problem that I’ve been getting from some medication I’m taking, which also dries out my skin terribly, and this is one of the only creams that keeps my hands feeling good and doesn’t aggravate the rash.  This is so good that I’m thinking I might have to try their foot cream as well to see if it can work the same wonders on my dry feet as well.

Now, of course, those are the things that I bought, but I also got lots of great samples too.  I love samples because they are the perfect way to try new things or things that you are unsure of without needing to commit to paying for a big size that you’ll be stuck with if you don’t like the product.  I think beauty product companies are so smart for giving these out when you shop in their stores or buy things online.  Oftentimes when you buy things online they’ll let you pick your own samples, which just makes them even better.

Six wonderful samples included with my order
Six wonderful samples included with my order

So here are the samples that I received with my order:

  • Volumising Shampoo Sample
  • Repairing Shampoo Sample
  • Repairing Conditioner Sample
  • Repairing Shine Mask Sample
  • Angelica Hydratation Cream Sample
  • Immortelle Divine Extract Sample
  • Divine Cream 7-Day Trial

I haven’t tried any of these samples yet but am really looking forward to trying them all after the great results I’ve had with my other items.  Sometimes I like to keep things like shampoo and conditioner samples for when I travel so that I can have decent with me and not have to depend on whatever the hotel has for their bathroom amenities.   However, I think I’ll give these a try sooner rather than later.  I really can’t wait to try out the mask but that will have to wait for some time when I haven’t just gotten a cut and had my colour done.

Divine Cream 7-Day Trial
Divine Cream 7-Day Trial

The Divine Cream 7-day Trial required a special promotional code, DIV7D, to be entered with the order.  This stuff sounds like a miracle cream for anti-ageing and I’m curious to see how I feel after the seven day trial.  It has gotten kudos and awards from Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, and the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.  Plus, lots of outstanding reviews on their website.  Here’s what they say on their website:

The Divine Cream features the combination of organic Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils:

  • Immortelle essential oil stimulates the production of collagens and improves skin microcirculation, and also helps to reduce damage caused by time and restore substance and vitality
  • Myrtle essential oil stimulates the action of the longevity protein to help increase cellular vitality and preserve the skin’s appearance.

The formula is enriched with plant oils that contain a high level of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, for a silky texture and supreme nourishment. Upon application, the sensation of well-being is immediate, while the skin feels wonderfully soothed.

So after reading that you can probably see why I’m eager to try this, right?  Clearly, it is a miracle product.  I especially looking forward to seeing how it comes through on promises to make my complexion more radiant and luminous while reducing any dark spots.  You can assure yourself that I will definitely be devoting a whole post to this trial.

As you can see, I got a lot of goodness from L’Occitane for my £40.00.  I was quite lucky and just happened to hit a time when they were having a very good sale on several items that appealed to me.  All in all, I ended up saving over £22.00 on the sale items, meaning that if I wouldn’t have bought when I did I would have had to part with 50% more of my precious beauty budget pounds.  Plus, I got free shipping for spending just £40.00 instead of the usual £59.00, saving me even more.  I really got lucky with the savings, and I feel even more fortunate that everything new that I tried, I actually like.

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