Lancome’s Teint Miracle Perfecting Concealer Pen

Lancome Teint Miracle Perfector Concealer Pen

This perfecting concealer pen really is multi-functional for you because it certainly works wonders on under eye darkness, as well as covers up blemishes of all varieties, plus it is great as an illuminator or highlighter.   And it does all of that really well, without feeling clumpy or heavy on your skin or looking greasy.  As a result of all that, this is one of my favourite items in my makeup kit now.  It’s as great as the Teint Miracle foundation, but it’s in this handy little pen-sized container, so you can easily take it with you in your purse, or even a pocket, for touch-ups.

When I originally got this, I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to like the pen form factor but it is really quite handy and very usable.  When you remove the cap, you see a little brush head, which is obviously where the product comes out.  This is a pretty clever idea because you’ve got concealer and brush all in one, so you don’t even have to get anything on your fingertips if you’re in a hurry.  To get the concealer to come out you push down on the other end which is a bit like a ballpoint pen really.  When the pen is brand new it will take a  few pumps to get the product to come out, but after that you should need just one pump to get a pretty good amount to come gently out of the end.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t squirt out or anything, it just kind of seeps into the brush part and you can barely notice it but it is there and ready to use.  I have made the mistake (so you won’t have to) of giving it a couple of pumps and that was just too much product for one application; so don’t do that!  Luckily, it blends so easily that I didn’t end up with a face full of concealer or anything horrible.  I actually don’t think anyone else would have noticed.

The ability for the concealer to blend in is certainly one of the things that makes it so great. I have found that if I use the brush on the end to get the product where I want it and then just pat it ever so lightly with my fingertips it blends right in and looks natural but definitely offers good coverage for all of your issues.  It’s really great for under eye darkness because it is a very light product with enough moisture to make it not emphasize lines or wrinkles.  We’ve all used under eye concealers that are too heavy or dry and just end up settling in the fine lines around the eye area and make you look worse than when you started.  It’s this same lightness that makes it work well for covering blemishes too.  It doesn’t make things look worse, but just kind of makes them blend in with the rest of your skin.

As a highlighter, I find this so easy to use and less ‘showy’, or obvious, than some of the other options you might try.  It highlights, sort of by magic it seems, because you don’t really notice it but it seems to brighten up the areas that you want to highlight, such as the area around your ‘cupid’s bow’ or across your brow bone, or even down the center of your nose to make your nose appear slimmer.  What really amazes me is that it works this way, but also covers blemishes and doesn’t just highlight them too.  Though, when I used it as a concealer, I used it under my foundation and as a highlighter I used it over it, so I guess that is probably the difference.

I also use the Teint Miracle foundation and the two products obviously work beautifully together, but it is amazing how truly beautiful and luminous they make your skin look.  I’m not sure what Lancome has in the formulation but it covers wonderfully without feeling heavy or even noticeable on your skin and it definitely doesn’t feel greasy or dry.  But it is the way it lightens everything up that is really cool.   I was amazed the first time I used them because my face looked incredible, in a way that it hasn’t in a few years, for sure.

Three concealer colours for you to choose from

I use the Peche Lumiere (02) colour in the corrector pen, which works hand-in-hand with the Lys Rose (02) colour for the foundation.  I’m not sure that I would have picked out the perfect colours for my skin tone because I almost always find that more challenging that I think it should be.  However, I went to the Lancome skin expert at Harrod’s and she set me up with the perfect colours, as well as all of the right choices from their skin care line too.  If you haven’t been to your Lancome skin care expert near you, I would really suggest it.  She analyzed my skin with some cool little machine and gave me a facial with all of the products that she suggested for my skin type.  But since they have such a full line up, you also get some input into what kind of stuff you like, so it is quite personalized, I think.  In any case, she also told me what colours of the foundation and concealer pen to buy and was spot on with her suggestions.

I purchased my Lancome Teint Miracle Perfecting Concealer Pen from, but obviously you could get it at your favourite Lancome retailer.  At FeelUnique the pen is £26.00 for 2.5 ml, unfortunately, they were having a sale recently but that’s over now now.  I was kind of bummed because I was going to buy a replacement to keep on hand since it was a bit less with the sale, however, they were out of my colour.  Isn’t that the way it always works out?  But even paying the full £26.00 it is totally worth it and I won’t hesitate to get it again.  Right now if you buy £50.00 worth of Lancome from their site though, you get a very nice gift of several products from the Hydra Zen collection worth £70.00.  So, it might be the perfect time to try out the great Teint Miracle Perfecting Pen and one or two of your other favoured Lancome products.

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