Luxe LTD Deal on Blow to Go Today Only!

Have you ever had a big event, interview, or even an important date and wanted your hair to look really smashing?  Well, if you are like me that might mean a special trip to the salon to have them do my hair, since it is always better than when I do it myself.  Of course, you might also consider Blow to Go for their styling services….at your house!  How nice is that?  Instead of you going somewhere, they’ll come to you and you can have a few extra minutes to relax before your party or whatever.  Normally their blow dry service is £69.00. But just for today Luxe LTD, from our friends at Sheerluxe, have a super deal for 50% off this great service.  So, if you’re in London (zones 1 and 2, or Canary Wharf) you can take advantage of this service through Luxe for just £35.00.  But you’ve got to be quick because this deal is only around for about 22 hours more; it ends on 7 August 2013.  For £35.00 I’m really tempted to purchase this deal myself, just because it would be great to take a break from styling my own hair once in a while and actually have it look nice too.

In addition to the blow dry, Blow To Go also offers nail technician services, haircuts for men and women, and Brazilian blow dry.  They also have multi service discount packs if you find yourself in need of this type of service often.

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