Glossybox: August 2013

This month the Glossybox theme was “High Flyers” and was supposed to include great products for the girl on the go.  Glossybox aimed to have everything be geared towards travel, including all liquids sized under 100ml so you can carry them without fuss on your next holiday.  Normally, I love the little sized items, however, this month one of them was just too little and that takes some of the fun out of it.  I’m wondering if my love affair with Glossybox will be just a summer fling.

 This box wasn’t wrapped nearly as cutely as the July box, but it was still nicely wrapped in a nice pink box with a ribbon.  But they could have done a little more with the traveler theme and had cute tissue paper with planes, trains, and automobiles on it or something.  But despite that, it was still the prettiest package I’ve received this month.  I received five items this month that are quite good and all are things that I’m looking forward to trying out.  Four of them are either full-sized or a good size for a test, though one of them I think is entirely too small and dinky.

Emite Eye Lash Curler
Emite Eye Lash Curler

Emite Professional Eye Lash Curler; full size product.  I’m going to start with the item that I liked the best and will probably use the most, and in fact have already used several times.  This eyelash curler is great because it isn’t super curved and that allows you to get it closer to your eye without smudging your makeup or feeling like you are going to actually poke yourself in the eye.  If you’re not someone that really likes to curl your lashes because you find the tools hard or uncomfortable to use, this might be the perfect tool for you.  I definitely fall into that category and have always skipped this step entirely or used warm thumbs held at the base of my eyelashes to do my curling for me (by the way, this is a great tip if you are without an eyelash curler, need a mid-day boost to your curl, or don’t want to take another thing with you when you travel).  However, I have found this eyelash curler easy to use and it doesn’t bother my eye at all.  Also, they’ve included extra little pads so that you can keep curling for years.  Curling your lashes really will add to that open-eyed look that we all use mascara for, so it is a good step to include unless you are naturally gifted with perfectly curled lashes.  Even if you don’t wear mascara, it helps your lashes look a little more finished and certainly helps your eye look more open, I think.  Did you know that you shouldn’t use the curler on your eyelashes after you’ve got mascara on them?  Apparently you can actually damage your delicate lashes by doing that, so avoid that at all costs (use the hot finger trick if you’ve got mascara on and need a bit of extra curl instead).  Also, if you want to get even a little bit more oomph out of your eyelash curler, hit it with your hair dryer for a few seconds before you apply it to your lashes; that tip is from the Glossybox UK CEO.  That extra bit of heat will provide you with more curl and it will stay all day long.

Emite is a Swedish company started by makeup artists, so they’ve put together a full selection of cosmetics and tools that are up to professional standards but are still accessible to regular people as well; you can find out more about the brand through their website (just a word of warning, if you don’t read Swedish, the translate selector through the page doesn’t seem to work so well, so I suggest using Google Translate instead).  The eyelash curler is 200.00 SEK or roughly £20.00 in their online store, however, I’m not actually sure you can get your order shipped to the UK.  It’s hard to tell from their online store if they ship internationally or just within Sweden because there’s no information about that type of thing online, so that’s a bit of a shame.  But if you’re ever in Sweden, they do have several stores.

Olay Regenerist

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex; 7ml; less than 7% of 50ml full sized product.  I’m a little bitter about how ridiculously small this tube is, to be honest.  I think they could have made it at least big enough to give it a full week trial, don’t you?  The full sized product is 50ml but the one in the Glossybox is just 7ml which when they say to use it on your face and neck I’m thinking this will last maybe three days at the maximum, so not much of a test.  And it will only last that long if I don’t use it twice per day like Olay really wants you to do.  But lucky me, this will be (hopefully) just enough to get me through my upcoming trip over the bank holiday this weekend.  Here’s what Olay have to say about this:

Instantly reduces the look of wrinkles better than a cream costing over £600*. The biopeptide + B3 complex formula also hydrates and smoothes the appearance of fine lines.

Regenerist’s Wrinkle Relaxing Complex helps to comprehensively fight the look of fine lines and wrinkles by combining Olay moisture with advanced micro filler powders to help smooth skin’s surface, instantly smoothing the appearance of fine lines while the formula, with biopeptide + B3 complex, hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles over time.
The Results:
Instantly : helps smooth the look of fine Lines
Over time: helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

It’s like a miracle product apparently.  So, we shall see if I feel like it works this well when I try it out.  I’m not all that wrinkly, yet, but I have enough that I’ll be able to tell how well it works I think.  I also find myself wondering what the £600 cream is that Olay are claiming doesn’t work as well as theirs.  They don’t name names, they just give a price for a 50ml container and say that is according to an August 2011 ESA research study.  So, I really can’t wait to try it out and find that it works wonders and is way cheaper than anything else I might currently be using.  It doesn’t appear to provide any sun protection though, so I don’t see how you could wear it for a day cream, unfortunately.  I don’t like to have layers and layers of products on my face, so I always require my day moisturizer to have an SPF of 15 at the bare minimum.  I’ll let you know if this cream lives up to the Olay hype.

The 50ml full sized product can be found at Boots and Superdrug for £19.99 currently.  By the way, it gets fairly decent reviews at the Boots website; 88% of reviewers say they would recommend it.  I’m also happy to see that people are saying that a little goes a long way, so maybe I’ll be able to get a full week trial out of this little tube.

Océane Makeup Remover Pen
Óceane Makeup Remover Pen

Océane Femme Makeup Remover Pen; full size product.  This is such a brilliant idea to provide makeup remover in such a handy format that you can easily pop into your purse or travel bag.  The pen shape, more like a small slightly chubby marker or highlighter, is great for touching up your eye makeup midway through the day or before you go out for the evening.  Of course, it would be the perfect way to fix up any slight boo-boos in your makeup application anytime of the day, really.  The end that does the removal is like a semi-hard version of a Q-Tip and they have included three additional tips for refills when they get gunked up with makeup.  It’s as easy as giving the pen a few good shakes and then just taking off the cap and using the tip to remove your makeup as needed.  It works really well and doesn’t irritate my eyes or seem to cause my skin to dry out either.  The other good thing is that there really isn’t a smell, maybe just the briefest hint of something like a clean floral scent but that’s only if you are making a serious effort to smell it. This isn’t the type of thing you would use for major makeup removal but is certainly perfect for getting rid of smudges or a little mistake.  I think it is incredibly handy and a useful item to have in your makeup bag.

Océane is a Brazilian company, and unfortunately this little pen isn’t available yet in the UK, so I feel really fortunate that I was able to get one to try out.   They also have a similar pen for nail polish removal on the go and lots of other smart ideas, so hopefully they will make it into the UK market sometime soon.

TRESemmé Platinum Strength Treatment Shot

TRESemmé Platinum Strength 60 Second Treatment Shot; full size product.  I haven’t tried this yet because my hair isn’t in bad condition right now, but I will definitely break it out next time my hair is looking a little unhappy and damaged.  Or maybe just when I need a little something extra to really condition my hair.  The little tube in the Glossybox is just 15ml but that is the full sized product and the only size it is available in too.  To use it, you just twist off the funny little end on the cap, squeeze it out and massage it into your hair at the most damaged spots and leave on to work its magic for 60 seconds.  But they do caution you to avoid the roots.  This is what TRESemmé say about their Platinum Strength range:

TRESemmé Platinum Strength visibly repairs up to 2 years of damage in just 5 uses* giving you stronger, more manageable and beautifully healthy hair. The Platinum Strength’s Renewing Complex not only reinforces hair’s naturally protective layer but also helps restore your hair, protecting it against future damage.  … TRESemmé have added a 60 second concentrated treatment shot to the Platinum Strength collection for those who need a super quick fix.

Even though I haven’t used this and can’t give my opinion, I can tell you that of the 21 reviews on the Superdrug website, it gets really high marks – 4.6 out of 5 stars.  And everyone would recommend it to a friend.  It seems to really work based on the reviews and at a super cheap price like £1.49 it’s a great way to get your hair back into shape if you’ve over processed it.  This would probably also be really useful to have in your suitcase if you are planning a beach or poolside holiday where all the sun and salt water or chlorine can really take a toll on your hair.  I found it at both Boots and Superdrug for £1.49.

Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Shadow & Liner
Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Shadow & Liner

Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Shadow/Liner; full size product.  I like a multi-tasking product.  I especially like something that will pull double duty when I’m traveling and I don’t want to take too much stuff and have to lug it around.  I’ve tried this only once but it goes on so nicely, I know I’ll use it quite a bit.  I was amazed at how much smoother it applies than other eyeliners I have, even pretty pricey ones, they all seem far more waxy.  That smooth texture means that it glides on really easily with a lot of colour which you can easily smudge away to get to the level that you are trying to achieve.  Of course, you can also leave it really dark and dramatic.  This would definitely be the perfect way to create a total cheat for a smoky eye because it smudges beautifully.  Jelly Pong Pong credit the lovely texture to a special Italian formulation of beeswax and pigments.  But whatever it is, it is awesome.  I received the steel colour in my Glossybox but they also have black, bronze, and plum.  The steel is a nice deep dark blue-grey colour, almost black, but with smudging it turns into a very soft grey colour that frames the eyes nicely. I definitely like this so much I’m thinking of getting the plum.  I did notice a little fallout on my under eye area after I had put it on and smudge it to get the look that I wanted, however, those little particles are easily brushed away or removed with the cool pen above.  Aside from that initial droppage, it seems to stick around quite well and does provide a good amount of pigment.  The other good thing is that it is a thick pencil so it is easy to hold in your hand and it isn’t too long so you can get right up close to the mirror when you are applying it.  Really though, it is just super simple to use to get a variety of different looks and that is what I find so appealing.  You can use it just like regular eyeliner and it works quite well for that.  But of course, it also works brilliantly for a quick eyeshadow as well.  I’m going to wear it this morning when I do my workout and see how well it holds up to that.  Just a little update: I wore this when I did my workout and it stayed firmly in place and looks just like it did when I started my workout and hadn’t been sweating for 40 minutes.  I like that kind of staying power!  I imagine that if this could stand up to a workout, then it would also work well on a hot day or a day at the beach.

You can buy the 2.8 gram/0.1 ounce pencil through the Jelly Pong Pong website for £10.50 but they will also tack on an extra £3.95 for shipping to the UK and EU and $6.95 US when shipping to the US and Canada.  Since they have shipping charges for the US that indicates to me that you can order through them if you live in the US, but I can’t seem to change the currency (this might be based on the location of my IP number I would guess), but if you live in the US or Canada you should check it out.  If you are in the UK, you might consider getting your Jelly Pong Pong fix through Amazon because their shipping charges are not nearly as high.

I received all of that for £12.95, which seems like a very good deal to me.  The Jelly Pong Pong shadow/liner pretty much pays for the box by itself and with the Emite Eye Lash Curl added to the mix, the price of the box was way more than covered.  If I take into account the cost of the three full sized items that I could price (this doesn’t include the makeup remover pen since I couldn’t find a price for it) the total comes to £21.99, which covers the subscription fee of £12.95 with £9.04 to spare.  That £9.00 is almost enough to pay for my September Glossybox even.

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