I’m in Love with these Lanvin Boots

Lanvin Blue Suede Ankle Boots
Lanvin Blue Suede Ankle Boots

Every once in a while you see something while doing a little internet shopping, that just really catches your eye.  That’s how it was for me with these lovely suede ankle boots.  I got my daily email update from Net-A-Porter this morning and immediately was drawn to these.  I don’t know if it is the colour or what, but I just love them.  I’m not even the kind of girl that wears heels this high.  Ever.  But I want them. Here’s what the editors at Net-A-Porter have to say about my new favourite boots that I don’t own:

Heel measures approximately 95mm/ 4 inches. Crafted from supple suede, Lanvin’sbright-blue ankle boots fit like a glove. This beautifully sleek and luxurious pair fastens with a gold zip, which makes them easy to slip on and off.

I like that they had to bold the heel height.  Honestly, I thought they were going to be higher than 4 inches, but that’s plenty high enough to someone like me that is afraid of heights, especially when the height is all coming from my own shoes.  I wonder how comfortable they would be to actually wear? Aside from the heel height, the other most shocking thing is the whopping £665.00 price tag.  That’s enough to make me a little light headed.  I love them but I’m not sure my love can survive that kind of spending.  I’ve seen them on another site in black, which is more mix and matchable with things in my wardrobe.  Of course, I did lose a little bit of the infatuation with the black  boots.

As a result of sticker shock, I immediately started to search for something with the same look as these Lanvin beauties, but for a lower price.  So far I haven’t had all that much luck finding a replacement.  There’s just nothing that has the same instant appeal for me.  I did find some Giuseppe Zanotti boots that were nice, but not as alluring, but the price was just £100.00 less, so that’s not really that big a difference.   So, I guess I’ll keep drooling over these from afar, while I search for something less pricey but still as lovely.

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