Style Notebook: September 13, 2013

So, this week, I took a shortcut to creating my style notebook entry.  I received an email from Jaeger this morning with a couple of outfits based around their new trench.  I really like the trench because of its very tailored styling and the nice detailing in the houndstooth fabric; makes it a little more fun and not so plain.

Style Notebook: Autumn Outfits
Style Notebook: Autumn Outfits

I like the red jumper in the more casual look.  Doesn’t it looks perfect with that bag?  The only thing I might switch, would be to exchange the scarf that they have with another one that I found on their site.  They have a scarf with a digital print of Jaeger’s Regent’s Street store on it that is so much fun, I’m trying to come up with a reason why I need to buy it.  And I think it would look great with either the black dress or the casual outfit with jeans and a jumper.  As an added bonus, the Regent’s Street printed scarf is about half the price at £85.00.

Jaeger's flagship store on Regent's Street printed right on a scarf!
Jaeger’s flagship store on Regent’s Street printed right on a scarf!

I have a £30.00 loyalty voucher for Jaeger that I need to spend by mid-November, so maybe I should put it towards the scarf.  And just think how great it would look with the blue suede Lanvin boots too.

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