Sorry for Being a Bad Blogger Lately

So sorry everyone for being a bit of a slacker blogger the last week or two.  We’ve been trying to arrange to buy a flat here in London since we got back from Sydney in July.  I am amazed at how much more difficult this has been than I would have ever thought.  It’s funny to me how you can have money to spend and still can’t manage to find a place to buy.  So, as a result we have decided to just give in and rent a flat instead.

Honestly, after NINE MONTHS of living in temporary housing both in Sydney and London, we are well over the “fun” (not that there ever was any) of living in a little tiny temporary place.  It’s not at all as glamourous as living in a hotel because it’s not like we are talking about living in someplace super posh.  And the worst part is that we’ve been wearing the same little wardrobe since then.  I think I have bought two jumpers since we left in January out of necessity; summer clothes aren’t that useful when the weather changes and turns cold.  I’ve also gotten sick of having my very abbreviated makeup kit.  I just want all of my stuff back!  My clothes, my makeup, my own hair dryer, my shoes.  I could go on, but I’m sure you can all get the understanding of the situation.

In any case, this is all just a long winded way of saying that finally we have found a flat to let and will be moving next week.  The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of looking at places to buy and let, so I’ve been slacking a bit on my writing.  But I promise that I will be better!  I’ve got a number of things to review from my makeup purchases lately, some new hair and skin care products, as well as clothes.  I just popped in to Harrod’s this weekend to use my reward points to get some new Dior lip colour in a lovely red and a super pigmented purple eyeshadow that I will of course have to write about.   I’ve also got a major fashion dilemma coming up at the end of November when we have a black tie event to go to in New York.  What to wear, what to wear?  I imagine I will have a bunch of posts about that too.  So, I have plenty to write about and promise that I will get back to being a good kid and posting regularly.

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