Moving, Moving, Moving…Again

After more than nine very long months in temporary housing in Sydney and London, we are finally moving back into our own flat here in London  With all of our own belongings! While we are relieved to be back in a permanent place. as always moving is time consuming and annoying.  Currently, it looks like an explosion of packing material and boxes; not my favourite look.  We have a very long weekend planned with lots of unpacking, organizing and setting up of our new place.  But really, I am thrilled to have a decent bed with soft sheets again.  It sounds so trivial until you spend 10 months on lousy hotel beds.  And, I can have season appropriate clothing too!  Woot!

Of course, all of this moving stuff means that my blog won’t be getting the attention it deserves for a few more days.  Well, and the new place doesn’t have Internet yet.  So, I doubt I’ll be doing much blogging until next Friday when I’ll have both broadband and a clean, tidy, and organized flat.

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