The Perfect Trench for Me

Since moving to London a few years ago, I have been looking for a trench coat that could meet all of my criteria.  I wanted a trench that was waterproof, had nice tailoring, was knee-length or slightly longer, could be warm enough for late Fall but also cool enough to wear in late Spring.  And I wanted all of that for a reasonable price.  I finally found the trench coat that fit all of that and was actually quite reasonably priced to boot.  Plus, it is bright red, which is fun and adds a little bit of colour to the normal black outerwear choices most people in London tend towards.

Lands' End Modern Double-breasted Trench Coat
Lands’ End Modern Double-breasted Trench Coat

If you can believe it, I actually found my perfect trench coat at Lands’ End.  I know I had said that I was going to stop shopping there and get a bit more fashionable.  But in a moment of weakness, and after prompting from an email ad from them, I just went to have a quick peek at their lineup and found it.  I can defend this choice by saying that Lands’ End, while not the utmost in fashionable, is quite good with tailoring, fit and quality for the most part.  Plus, this is a more traditional piece and that is what they excel at since it isn’t trendy or cutting edge, which they will never be.  I’ve had the coat for about two weeks now after purchasing it for just £99.95 and I like it just as much as I thought I would from the description and photos.  By the way, they were having free shipping at the time and I still got it within three days of placing my order on the weekend.

Here’s the full Lands’ End description:

Stylish protection to weather the ever-changing forecast:

  • Soft cotton blend with a water-resistant finish to keep you dry
  • Button-out liner provides added warmth
  • Classic trench style epaulettes
  • Removable throat latch helps block wind, cold
  • Pass-through pockets allow easy access inside
  • Double breasted front
  • Wear belted or not – your choice

Whether it’s worn everyday or on dressier occasions, the water-resistant shell protects against rain and wet. And with its refined styling you’re guaranteed to look great as you brave the elements. Our version features a classic double-breasted front with epaulettes on the shoulders and a belt detail at the cuffs. Neat topstitching throughout lends a clean finish. Shell is 57% cotton/43% polyester. Lining is 100% polyester. Machine wash.

Approx. garment length:
Regular size M: 92.5cm/36½’

...With Removable Liner
…With Removable Liner

It fits really well and is very comfortable and looks as great with my knee high boots as it does with my Converse All Stars and jeans.  It really is just what I was looking for, and I’m thrilled to have found it.  The detailing is pretty great too with thoughtful touches like lay flat seams for comfort and a less bulky appearance.  Though the buckles for the belt and around the wrists could be a little nicer looking but for the price they are acceptable (wonder how hard they would be to change to something else).  The length is very good for me as it hits me right at the knee (I’m around 5’7″ tall).  And I can definitely confirm that it is nicely waterproof.  I got caught in a bit of heavy rain the other day but stayed nice and dry.

Perhaps the best part for me, is the removable quilted liner.  It buttons in to the coat all around the outside of the liner which runs almost the full length of the coat; just a couple of inches short of full length.  It sounds like it might be a pain to get in and out because of the buttons, but it really isn’t I assure you.  It takes perhaps five minutes to get in or out, so not really a big deal at all.  Without the liner the coat is perfect for warm weather and with it, it seems comfortable at pretty low temperatures too.  The coat is pretty light without the liner, but adding that liner does add some heft to the coat.  However, you’re warm and dry, so it’s not like you have anything to complain about.  Plus, you look so cute and stylish!

I will say the only thing I sort of wish that it had would be a removable hood that rolled away into the neck, which is something that Lands’ End has on some of their other waterproof jackets and coats.  So now I’m looking for a cute waterproof hat to go with my new coat that I can roll up and put in one of its roomy pockets.  Or I guess I could just get a little umbrella instead.

If you are interested in getting one of these for yourself, I suggest you visit Lands’ End UK today because they are having a 25% off Everything deal that ends at midnight (November 4, 2013).  To get your 25% off use the code FF1325 during checkout.  So, for the rest of the day you can get this great trench coat, in bright red or khaki, for just £74.96 after a big savings of £24.99!!  That is a super duper deal.  I thought it was a great deal for just under £100.00 but at £75.00, it is a positive steal.  With all the rainy weather we’ve been having lately, how can you pass up such a deal?

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