Holiday Party in NYC: What to Wear?

We found out a few weeks ago that Dave’s company is having a formal black tie holiday party this year at their headquarters in New York.  While it is nice to have the trip back to New York and see some friends and family, now I’m faced with the dilemma of what to wear.  I’m not into formal gowns and currently have exactly zero things in my wardrobe that would even remotely fit the bill.  So, naturally this means shopping, shopping, and more shopping.  I’ve spent a couple of weeks looking at various dresses and styles and trying to determine what would work best for me.  Problem is, I just don’t know.  Over the weekend I decided that I would order a bunch of dresses and try them on in the comfort of my own home where I could compare them to each other and try them on with heels (even though they won’t be the right ones).  This should allow me to see which things work and which don’t.  Plus, I can have Dave give me an opinion and my mom (via Skype) can weigh in with her thoughts.

I ended up ordering five different dresses to choose from:   two dresses from John Lewis, one from Net-A-Porter, one from Pepperberry, and one from Phase Eight.  To be truthful, the “dress” from Phase Eight is actually a jumpsuit, but with really wide cut trousers so they look like a skirt.  I just wanted to see how it might stack up against the other things.  They’ve all got their own pros and cons, I’m just hoping that one of them works for me.  My guess would be that the very simple black dress from Net-A-Porter is probably going to be my best selection.   Here are the five candidates:

As you can probably tell from the photos, they are all quite different, so hopefully at least one of them is the right choice for me.  I have a feeling that I will have to discount the Kaliko dress from John Lewis (£79.20 today, though over the weekend it was £99) since it is short, as well as the Phase Eight jumpsuit (£96 today, though over the weekend it was £120) for not being formal enough.  Though, I do really like the look of both of them.  As I said though, the simple black DKNY dress from Net-A-Porter (£250) is probably the best candidate.  But then again, I really like a pop of colour like that red dress from Damsel in a Dress at John Lewis.  The dress from Pepperberry was my safety choice because it is quite simple and low cost, plus their clothing is made for a girl with a bigger bust so you can always wear a decent bra too.   Who knows though, maybe I will be super surprised and they will all look great on me.  I am picking up the John Lewis dresses today and the Net-A-Porter dress might be delivered today as well as the Phase Eight jumpsuit.  I don’t think the dress from Pepperberry has even despatched yet, but it should be here by the end of the week.

Of course, after I pick the dress then I’ll have to find the right shoes and jewellery to go with it.  And what will I do with my hair?  And I’ll have to figure out the right makeup look to go with it as well.  The party is the first week of December, so luckily I still have some time to get this all figured out. Since we will be in NYC the entire week before, I feel confident too that I can always find anything that I might forget or want to change, and it will probably be a lot cheaper than here.  I’ve been toying with the idea of waiting to get shoes until I get to New York but that seems a little too risky somehow.  I guess it will just depend on what I can find here.  Wish me luck because I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it!

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