Kirkland Signature Facial Cleansing Cloths from Costco

I do a lot of shopping at Costco (that’s actually what my other blog is about), so it’s only natural that I would end up buying a number of health and beauty products from them.  I have found that there are quite a few of the Kirkland Signature products that are really great, like their shampoo and conditioner, and have made their way onto my must-have list.  If you haven’t done any shopping at Costco for stuff like this, you really should.

As I said, I really like a number of the Kirkland Signature products, and I am super impressed with the Kirkland Signature Facial Wipes.  I’ve been using these for a couple of years now and even though I have tried other cleansing cloths and makeup removal cloths, I haven’t found many that can compare to the Kirkland Signature cloths.  Not only do they do a good job, but they are super cheap in comparison to other brands.  I believe they have these cleansing cloths at all of the Costco locations around the world, but I know they definitely have them in the US and UK.

Kirkland Signature Facial Cleansing Cloths
Kirkland Signature Facial Cleansing Cloths at Costco

I used to buy the ones from Dove and thought that they were okay, but didn’t use them all the time because they were kind of a pain since you still have to rinse your face (or at least felt like it) and then put on moisturiser.  And the Dove wipes really didn’t make a dent in my eye makeup.  However, the KS ones rock.  I like to wash my face at night before bed, and sometimes in the morning before I work out, and these KS cleansing cloths make that so much quicker.  Each cloth is quite moist so that you can clean your whole face without it getting dry and this also means that you have enough moisture to tackle things like taking off mascara.  They are also a good size so you don’t feel like you’ll run out of clean cloth before you get all of your makeup removed.  I also like that the cloths are lightly quilted, which I think makes them feel a fair bit softer than most of the brands.

I am always amazed at how well they handle mascara removal, even the water proof kind.  Aside from my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, these are my best bet for getting my mascara removed.  Sometimes it takes a bit of wiping and wiping and wiping to get it all off, depending on how much I have on, but mostly it gets it all off fairly easily.  Since the cloths are also hypoallergenic you don’t have to worry about using them around your eyes either.

Then, after you are done cleaning your face you don’t have to rinse!  And that eliminates a lot of water splashing about and time.  But even better, my face does actually feel moist enough to skip putting some type of moisturiser on, if I wanted.  I like that because it means that when I’m exercising I can avoid having a layer of anything on my skin that will clog pores.  But of course, I would never skip moisturizer at any other time, I swear!   I’ve got dry skin and never go without moisturiser on my face, so I was really amazed by having my face feel so nice after using the cleansing cloths.  All of that moistness in the wipes probably comes from the fact that there is no alcohol in them, no oil either.  What they do have is Vitamin E, chamomile, and a triple tea complex.  I don’t know about the triple tea complex, but I know that the other stuff is used in a lot of skin care products to keep your skin moist and blemish free.

The cloths are divided between six different packages: two are small travel sizes with 15 towelettes each and then four are the full sized ones with 30 towelettes each.  The travel sized ones are in little packages with a sticky closure, like if you buy Wet-Ones.  The full sized versions come with a plastic snap closure to make sure that the moisture doesn’t evaporate before you use them all.  I love that closure because it really works and that was always one of my big complaints with the Dove version, the package didn’t seal well so the cloths would dry out before I got through the whole container.  At Costco US you can get the box of 150 towelettes for around $15.00 in the stores (I don’t know the exact price anymore sorry) or you can buy a two pack of them at for $37.99 and that includes shipping.  If you are in the UK, you can buy the same box of 150 cleansing cloths for around £9.00 or you can buy the two pack (so 300 cloths) at  for £13.59 with VAT and shipping.

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