Glossybox: October 2013

Okay, clearly I am way, way behind in my Glossybox reviews, but I’m hoping to catch up this week.  The theme for my October Glossybox was “Dark Romance” I’m not really sure about that theme but there were some interesting items included this month.  As with the other Glossyboxes that I’ve gotten, this one contains some things that I was really looking forward to trying and some things that are totally new to me.  The only brand included that I am familiar with is Katy Perry.  I like her music okay, not so sure about her perfume though.  I really do like trying new brands and new products and is exactly why I wanted to sign up for Glossybox in the first place.

As you can see, there’s no special theme for the actual box.  I am getting quite a collection of these nice little boxes though and need to figure out something clever to do with them.  In my October box I received five items, only one of which is full sized.  They included a sample of Katy Perry’s new fragrance, Killer Queen, and that is the one thing that I’m not all that interested in trying.  I’m not much for perfumes, so these types of samples aren’t high on my list of things I want in my boxes.  Oh well, luckily there were a couple of things that are really great.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance
Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance

Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance; 1.5 ml sample.  As I said, I’m not all about the scents, but I guess for the occasional time when I want a little spritz of something, it is nice to have a little sample size bottle like this.  Here’s what they have to say about it on the Boots website:

Katy Perry is the New Queen in town, but not just any ordinary queen…She is a Killer Queen. Rebellion is on her mind. Defiance on her playful lips. She takes the throne by storm! And smiles with an irreverent wink. Katy doesn’t play by the rules because… Rules are made to be broken. Addictive Floriental Killer Queen is a charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Floriental fragrance. The bottle is inspired by a Queen’s scepter, the distinct jewel-shaped bottle portrays sexy sophistication and lawless luxury. The cap of the bottle is enhanced with a rich gold crown cap showcasing a custom crest capturing Katy Perry’s playful essence – regal cats, a music clef, and a dagger. The carton is the imperial red carton echoes the royalty of a Killer Queen with a tufted textured pattern reminiscent of a throne framed with a fanciful ermine border.

Fragrance Note
Top Notes: Dark Plum, Wild Berry and Bergamot.
Heart Notes: Red Velvet Flower, Rainbow Plumeria and Natural Jasmine Sambac.
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart and Liquid Praline.
I’ll be honest, I like the way the description sounds better than the actual fragrance.  It’s a little heavy for me and cloying.  But like I said, I’m not really a perfume person so my opinion maybe is less valid on this one than other things.  It does get pretty good reviews on Boots, so maybe I should give it a bit more of a chance.  However, the way perfume interacts with your own body chemistry can change a lovely scent into something really horrible.

If you do want to get this, you can find it at Boots.  For the 30 ml size you will pay £22.99 or you can get the 50 ml size for £26.09.  They also have a gift set that includes a 30 ml perfume, a 75 ml body lotion, and a 75 ml shower gel for just £22.50.

MeMeMe Cherub's Blush Cheek & Lip Tint
MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush Cheek & Lip Tint

MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush Cheek & Lip Tint; 12 ml full size bottle.  I’ve had this in my kit for over a month and still haven’t had the courage to try it.  I’m really afraid of looking like a clown and getting too much on my cheeks because it is a pretty deep colour and my skin is super pale.  I did try a little bit of it on my lips and it seemed to work pretty well but I haven’t been brave enough to try it on my cheeks.  I’m determined to do it though!  I like the idea of a rogue tint like this though because I think it will give fresher look to my cheeks, which let’s face it, at my age I could use a bit of a fresh look.  Plus, I think once you get good at using the cheek tint, you can figure out how to subtly build up the colour to go from a fresh look to a more dramatic look for the evenings.  I really think this will be great for summer when you want a more natural look and don’t necessarily want to have so much makeup on either.

In the Glossybox they have included a full sized 12 ml bottle with a brush applicator included.  It’s a bit like a nail polish bottle really.  The applicator worked well on my lips when I tried it.  However, they suggest you use your finger to blend it in an upward motion along your cheekbone.  You can find this cheek and lip tint at the MeMeMe Cosmetics website for £5.50 or you can get it on Amazon for the same price.

Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish
Vita Liberata Illuminating Skin Finish

Vita Liberata Latte Illuminating Skin Finish; 2, 0.1 ounce sample packets.  I may have mentioned that I am pale, like Casper the friendly ghost kind of pale, so anything that promises to knock the glare back a bit, is something I am interested in trying out.  The good thing about this is that it gives you a bit of nice bronzing but it also offers you SPF25 coverage.  It also has little shimmery particles to give you a bit of optical illusion to make you appear even more flawless.  I haven’t tried this yet though, because I haven’t really had a need to try it yet.  It is in a little sealed foil packet, so unfortunately I can’t see how dark this might be before I put it on. But after looking at their website I can see that this is the darkest version of this product. Yikes!  Thinking that will be way too dark for me.   In any case, this is part of the Vita Liberata Capture the Light Collection and here is what they have to say about it on their website:

The Capture the Light Collection comprises illuminating skin finishers with Opaque or Translucent coverage which can be used as stand-alone skin perfectors, or alongside the Vita Liberata tanning range to accentuate a natural bronze tan.
Capture the Light Opaque illuminating skin finishers are considered by beauty experts to be “better than a BB Cream for the Body”.  Translucent illuminating skin finishers offer exceptional iridescence without the coverage.

This is like a lot of bronzers or self-tanners in many ways.  You definitely will want to exfoliate your skin quite well before you apply this or else you’ll just end up looking weird and patchy and no one wants that.  They say that you don’t need to use very much to get a nice level of bronzing, but you do need to blend well to get the best even coverage.  The good, or possibly bad depending on why you want to use it, is that it washes off with soap and water.  So, that means that you aren’t going to have your lovely bronze colour for too long.  This is really designed to make your skin look lovely and flawless for a big night out or big event, not to look tan really.

You can buy this at the Vita Liberata website for £18.00 for a 30 ml bottle currently.  Through 8 December they are having a 40% off sale, so after that the price will go back up to the normal £29.95.  They also have a variety of colours or shades, so you don’t have to get a colour that is way too dark because one colour does not fit all!  Personally I think that the buttermilk or rose colours would be best for me because it would give a bit of illumination and perk to my skin without adding colour.

Premae Harmony Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum
Premae Harmony Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum

Premae Harmony Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum; 20 ml sample size.  I have tried this once and really liked it so I’m looking forward to trying it out a bit more.  Premae is a totally allergen-free brand, so their products are quite good for your skin and shouldn’t cause you irritation or problems.  This serum is really nice if you have skin problems or combination skin because of its great bunch of ingredients.  This is what they have to say about it on Glossybox:

The grape seed blended formula offers a comforting barrier cream to soothe redness, and smooth the uneven texture, perfect for applying makeup on top. Gently provides a protective second skin barrier and shields the skin against free radicals, environmental changes and chemicalised makeup. Leaves skin healthy, fresh and smoothed. Directions: Morning and night as a daily primer to prep and protect skin. Mix with liquid foundation to create a shine-control natural BB cream!

The way that you use this is is just like any other serum you might have tried.  After you have cleaned your face, apply this before your moisturizer in the morning and night.  I usually prefer to just use my serums at night because most of the ones that I have tried thus far have been kind of heavier than I want on my face for daytime.  However, I might try this during the day because it does seem to have a lighter consistency than other serums.  Since it seems to be good at keeping the shine down, it seems like it would be great for using under makeup.

You can buy the full size 50 ml serum at the Premae Skincare website for £22.50 in the UK or $35.18 in the US.  It seems like when you go to the website they pick your country for you, so whether you are in the UK or the US it will show you the correct pricing for you.

Monu Illuminating Primer
Monu Illuminating Primer

Monu Illuminating Primer; 20 ml sample size.  I love love love this primer.  I will definitely be buying this in the full size sometime soon.  To me this is the star of the October Glossybox.  I like everything about it from the texture to the smell to the way it feels on my skin to the way it actually works.  I have this with me in New York right now because this is the perfect travel product.  Here’s what they have to say about it:

A primer formulated with light reflective and soft focus technology to brighten the complexion and add instant sheen and radiance. May be used alone or under make-up or tinted moisturiser for a flawless, illuminating finish. Will help to prevent sun damage and premature ageing at cellular level. Light reflective Mica adds natural sheen and radiance. Zinc Oxide provides a physical barrier against the sun’s harmful rays. Cassia Alata Leaf Extract reduces the visible signs of photo-ageing and protects the skin against UV damage. Vitamin E, an antioxidant, fights free radicals. Used alone, gives skin a smooth flawless finish. Provides an excellent base for make-up. Paraben free formulation.

There are a few reasons to like this primer, like the fact that it is paraben free.  However, I just seriously like how it works and how fabulous it makes my skin look.  I have used it both under makeup as well as just as a moisturizer on a day when I wanted to be makeup free.  Both ways it really enhances my skin and seems to give a healthy glow without being too shiny or sheeny.  It just looks really natural and healthy.  While it is great for everyday wear, it is perfect for travel because it is a multi-tasker.  It works as a primer (obviously), has an SPF 15 and is a good moisturizer.  Since there are restrictions on liquids in your carry on luggage, this is the perfect way to take one product instead of two.  I was a little worried initially that it wouldn’t work so well as a moisturizer, but it keeps my skin feeling nicely hydrated all day long without getting greasy looking anything untoward like that.  I’ve never found a primer that I have like this much, I must say.  It really helps my foundation look flawaless and gorgeous in a way that my usual stuff does not.  It is definitely something I will be buying.

You can buy the 50 ml full size product at the Monu website for £24.95.  You can also get it at Amazon but it’s pretty much the same price so there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to that.  I’m planning on ordering this when I get back to the UK or maybe time it so that I will get it by the time I return home.  I want to make sure that I have it for our holiday trip in December.  I like this so much I’ll have to check out some of the other products from Monu, I think.  I wonder if their tinted moisturizer is as wonderful as the primer because it seems to have a lot of the same ingredients.

I think that the Glossybox subscription is working out okay, even though there was only one full sized product this month.  Here’s the breakdown of what I got for my £12.95 this month:

  • MeMeMe Cherub’s Blush Cheek and Lip Tint, full size: £5.05 value
  • Premae Harmony Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum, 20 ml sample size:  £9.00 value
  • Monu Illuminating Primer, 20 ml sample size: £9.98 value
  • Total Value: £24.03

I didn’t include the other two products because the sample sizes were so small that it wasn’t that big an impact.  But it doesn’t really matter in any case because just these three products more than pay for the monthly subscription fee.  And I found a new product that I love which is priceless.

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