Glossybox: November 2013

I’m still trying to catch up on my Glossyboxes for the last couple of months.  And really, I had thought I would be all caught up by now.  But of course I had to get sick when flying home from New York.  The November box had some nice samples that were not necessarily things I would have found on my own, but things I’ve definitely enjoyed.  I really love the perfume sample that they included, so much so that I am seriously considering buying it.

The theme for the regular November box was “The Glossy Wishlist” and included some lovely items to be sure.  The box was just the usual Glossybox look, which means that I’ve got a whole collection of these little boxes now.  I wish they were just a touch bigger so that I could use them for more storage.  In my November box I got a nice sample of Vichy Idealia Life Serum, the small sample of Connock London Kukui Eau de Parfum, a full size Emite Makeup Micronized Eyeshadow, a full size Yves Rocher Cocoa and Raspberry Hand Cream, and a full size Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads.  I like it when I get more full sized items, it definitely makes the boxes seem worth it.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum & Smoothing & Illuminating Cream
Vichy Idealia Life Serum & Smoothing & Illuminating Cream

Vichy Idealia Life Serum and Smoothing and Illuminating Cream; 3, 3ml sample tubes.  I will say that I have not tried this yet because I’m trying to see how my Lancome DreamTone works out and these two both serve a bit of a similar function.  The Idealia Life Serum is supposed to help your skin quality by evening skin tone and fighting the effects of everyday life on your skin (pollution, stress, bad diet, etc).  Altogether after using it you should have a fresher complexion, with a more even tone, and more refined pores.  I would love to find something that can do all of that (so far, not so great with the Lancome), especially something that can even out skin tone.  I have tried several products that advertise this as a benefit, but I have yet to try one that actually seems to work.  So, I am skeptical, to say the least.  But, as always, I am hopeful that I will find something that delivers on the promises.  Apparently, this has 10 years of research and development behind it, so perhaps that bodes well for it actually working.

The other sample was for Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, which as you can guess is a daily moisturizer.  This is also supposed to help polish up your skin texture and tone, while also fighting wrinkles.  I haven’t yet tried this either, my plan was to try them together.  I love my current moisturizer, so it has a high bar to get over.  Of course, if it really would make my skin look more radiant, it would be my new moisturizer of choice, for sure.  The biggest problem with this I find, for daytime use, is that it doesn’t appear to have any sun protection.  Why would you make a moisturizer without that now?  So, despite them acting like you can use it during the daytime, I wouldn’t suggest it since it would leave your skin unprotected.  Of course, you could always add another product to give you some SPF.  But why have more stuff on your skin than you need to?

In my Glossybox I received two 3 ml samples of the Life Serum, which is 20% of the full sized 30 ml tube that costs £29.50 at Boots.  I received a single 3 ml sample of the Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, which is only around 6% of the full sized 50 ml tube which you can buy at Boots for £17.00.  I wish that they had given two sample tubes of the cream too since you usually use so much more of that and I feel like you need at least 10 days to really give a moisturizer a test.

Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum
Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum

Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum; 1.5 ml sample.  I love love the smell of this perfume!  It smells like holiday to me.  They were apparently trying to blend something that would capture the “spirit and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.”  I would definitely say that they have perfected it amazingly well.  The first time I smelled it, before I read anything about it, I thought of being in Maui on holiday.  I swear it even relaxed me a bit just smelling the scent.  The power of smell to evoke memories and feelings is remarkable and Connock have certainly played on that beautifully with this perfume.  Here’s what they have to say about the scent:

Romantic floral notes of gardenia, white jasmine, and calla lily gently fade into a sultry, woody base to enliven spirits with memories of journeys to faraway places.  This elegant floriental fragrance is built around the Gardenia flower and is complimented by a full bouquet of fresh flowers including Italian Bergamot, Moroccan Rose, White Jasmine and Calla Lily.  The scent is further enriched with Sandalwood, Vetiver, White Amber and layers of cashmere and sheer musks, completed with the rich bitter chocolate sweetness of Vanilla Absolute and Tonka Bean.

I have rarely smelled a perfume that I like as well as this one.  It has such a delicate scent that is just beautiful and lush.  There isn’t anything that strikes a sharp or “off” note with me, which is what I like or require in a perfume.  I am certainly very tempted to buy the full size of this.  But it is a bit pricey at £75.00 for the full 100 ml size at the Connock of London online shop.  Sadly, I cannot find it anywhere else for less either.  But since I never buy perfume for myself, this might be my special treat.  Plus, if I get it I might be able to feel that Hawaiian holiday relaxed feeling all of the time.

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads
Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads


Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads; full sized 20 pads.  These are something that anyone who travels should definitely have in their kit.  Or if you are an avid polish wearer, prone to the needed touchup in everyday life, these would be perfect for your purse.  This is such a better way to have nail polish remover in your purse or luggage because they are just little pads soaked in remover.  When we were returning from Australia and going to be stopping for holiday in Japan for two weeks, I really wanted some of these but couldn’t find any there.  Of course, you can never find stuff like this when you really want it, right?  But now I’ve got these available for my future trips.  These work quite well at removing nail polish and do it all without a horrible smell.  Lately, I haven’t been wearing layers and layers of polish, so I’m not sure how well it would work on thick or difficult to remove polish; you might have to use a couple of the pads to get all of your polish removed.  The remover contains vitamin E as well as other moisturizers to keep your nails and cuticles looking healthy too.

You can buy these at several stores in the UK like Boots and Superdrug.  The full sized container of 20 pads is just £2.00, which is a great price for something so convenient.  Now that I know where to get these I will definitely always keep some around.

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow
Emite Micronized Eyeshadow

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow in Nect; full size 1.48 grams.  This is a lovely eyeshadow in a colour that I would call “champagne” but they call “Nect” as in nectar.  The eyeshadow is highly pigmetized and goes on beautifully and lasts quite well too.  The colour is very soft so it isn’t dramatic but is an excellent base for a variety of eye looks.  I like it for a standard or every day choice because it makes my eye area look brighter and helps create the effortless and uncomplicated look that I prefer.  It does have a bit of shimmer to it but once it is on it doesn’t seem glittery, just enough light catching particles to really open up your eye area, I think.  Here’s what Emite have to say (translated from the Swedish on their website):

NECT is a highly pigmented eyeshadow that is completely nickel, paraben and perfume free. The pigment is micronized to facilitate the application and to create even and fine results. An excellent choice for lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes.  The micronizing process also makes the eye shadow easy to work with and counteracts grainy results. Micronized Eye Shadow is completely vegetable (contains no animal fats) and of course not tested on animals.

In my Glossybox I received the full sized 1.48 gram eyeshadow, which is great.  The compact and size are small and perfect for traveling or your purse.  If this colour doesn’t suit you, you can always pick from one of the other great colours on the Emite website.  The only place I am aware of to purchase Emite makeup is through their website, which is in Swedish but is easily enough translated into English (via a drop-down selection in the upper right corner), but all prices are in Swedish Kroner.  They seem to indicate that they will ship internationally but it will cost you 49 SEK.  For the micronized eyeshadow, with shipping, you will pay 219.00 SEK or £20.53.  For the quality of the eyeshadow I think the price is quite fair and in line with similar brands.

Yves Rocher Raspberry and Cocoa Hand Cream
Yves Rocher Raspberry and Cocoa Hand Cream

Yves Rocher Cocoa and Raspberry Hand Cream; full sized 75 ml tube.  This smells more like dessert than a hand cream.  The raspberry is the overwhelming scent that comes across to me in this hand cream.  To be honest, the smell, while nice, reminds me of a creamy center chocolate.  Even once you put it on, the lovely raspberry scent continues.  The hand cream isn’t too thick or too thin and does seem to do a reasonable job of keeping my hands feeling lovely and soft.  But there’s something that seems to leave me with a bit of a sticky feeling for a few minutes after I apply it.  After a few minutes, maybe five, the cream is fully absorbed and the sticky feeling dissipates.  But I’m not really a fan of that feeling, no matter how luscious the cream smells.

All in all, this is unlikely to be a hand cream that I would purchase but if you have the patience to wait around for the cream to totally absorb, then it might work for you.  The 75 ml tube that I received was full size and can be purchased for a very reasonable £1.95 through the Yves Rocher online store according to Glossybox.  However, when I went to the site I couldn’t find it, so I’m a bit confused.

So, how do the numbers stack up for the box this month?  I would think that it might be pretty good since there were more full sized products than samples.  Here is the breakdown:

  • Vichy Idealia Life Serum, 6 ml sample: £5.90 value
  • Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, 3 ml sample: £1.02 value
  • Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum, 1.5 ml sample: £1.12 value
  • Emite Makeup Micronized Eyeshadow, full sized 1.48 grams: £15.94 value
  • Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads, full sized 20 pads: £2.00 value
  • Yves Rocher Raspberry and Cocoa Hand Cream; full sized 75 ml: £1.95 value
  • Total Value: £27.94

I guess that since two of the full sized items were so cheap, the total value of the box was pretty low.  I didn’t include the cost of shipping for the eyeshadow because the price of the eyeshadow all by itself pays for this box; the shipping would add another £4.95 to the total value.   Of course, the total value of everything still more than covers the price of the box.  And I was able to find the lovely Connock perfume, so that might make it worth it all by itself.

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