Badger Sleep Balm is Sleep Magic

Sometimes I have huge problems getting to sleep and staying that way.  I’ve recently been going through a big problem with this and have tried everything short of taking some type of pharmaceutical to aid my sleep.  After we got back from New York I just couldn’t get back to normal London sleep patterns (and I hadn’t slept well while we were in New York either) and was waking up every couple of hours and probably in total only got around four hours of sleep per night.  For me that is nowhere near enough sleep and I was really struggling and my RA was out of hand and I felt lousy.  And I didn’t even have the energy or ambition to blog!

So, to combat my sleep issues, I tried a bunch of different things.  I tried taking a warm shower right before bed, I tried a lavender scented candle, I tried some relaxation exercises, I tried plain old exercise, I tried taking walks, I tried reading and listening to calming music.  But nothing was working, and I was getting very cranky and so tired and lethargic, but still I couldn’t maintain sleep for an entire night.  I was really happy one night when I was able to get four whole hours in a row, but then I couldn’t get back to sleep at all.  Luckily, I remembered the Badger Sleep Balm that I had run across when looking for some other random thing at FeelUnique.  So, in desperation and after more than a month of not sleeping well, I decided I would try this, even though I wasn’t expecting it to work.  But you know, when you’re desperate, you will try just about anything.

Badger Balm Sleep Balm
Badger Balm Sleep Balm

Badger Sleep Balm is this mixture of lavender, rosemary, ginger, and bergamot essential oils that help to clear your mind and relax you for sleep.  It is all natural ingredients that are just a natural sleep enhancer.  There’s nothing shady in here that is a drug and the balm doesn’t make you sleep, like a sleeping pill, it just helps get your mind in the right place to let sleep come to you naturally.   Here’s some of what they have to say about it on the Badger Balm website:

…this natural sleep enhancer uses a sophisticated blend of essential oils to help quiet your thoughts and clear your mind, then you fall asleep naturally. Rosemary is the traditional herb for clear thinking, confidence, and memory. Bergamot is mentally uplifting, and Ginger is strengthening and confidence-inducing. Balsam Fir is refreshing, like a walk in the woods, while Lavender is the traditional sleep herb: fresh and relaxing. This balm is perfect for those nights when you can’t seem to stop the mind chatter!

In the tin the smell is very potent and while I still like it, I could see that it might prove overwhelming for some (like my husband).  However, when you put it on, the smell is subtle and works like magic to clear your mind and relax your for a quality night of sleep.  I actually really like the scent and find it instantly soothing; my husband also liked it after I put it on and it wasn’t just in the tin.  They suggest putting the balm under the nose, on lips, on temples or other pulse points.  I put some under my nose, on my temples, on the inside of my wrists and on my neck.  After just a few seconds the scent under my nose is barely noticeable but I do think it helps keep my sinuses clear and that might help me sleep better in and of itself.  Since I sleep with my hands up by my face though, I find the balm that I rub on the inside of my wrists probably has the most noticeable effect.  And truly, it is like sleep magic!

The first night I used the balm I slept a full night of 7.5 hours, which is normal for me, all at once even and didn’t wake up until the sun was coming in through my window.  It was glorious!  So, obviously, I now use this every night and can’t believe how much better my sleep is with this little balm.  The power of scent is a wonderful tool for so many things and obviously, this is a perfect combination to calm your mind and get you to sleep.  I will say that when I was having some wicked PMS a few days ago, which usually really makes me have problems sleeping, I only had one night where I woke up and felt like I might not get back to sleep so I reapplied the Sleep Balm to my wrists and was out so fast I don’t even remember what was on the television whenI turned it on.  Magic!

Comes in a handy tin
Comes in a handy tin

I was really worried about how my skin might react to this, especially putting it under my nose.  Sometimes my skin can get really irritable with stuff like this.  However, it hasn’t been a problem at all, and just seems to be absorbed by morning leaving nothing behind but soft skin.  There are lots of organic ingredients, and it doesn’t have anything in it that is harsh or drying.  The only problem I could foresee might be with the beeswax if you have a really bad bee allergy.  Here’s the list of ingredients:

Ingredients: *Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Oil, *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), Essential Oils of *Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot), *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Verbenone), *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), *Abies Balsamea (Balsam Fir) and CO2 Extract of Zingiber Officinale (Ginger).
* = Certified Organic

I got my Badger Sleep Balm from FeelUnique in their after Christmas sales, so it was just £5.24 for a 2 ounce/56 gram tin, but it is normally £6.99.  You can also get it at Amazon UK for £7.66.  In the US you can get it from Amazon for $9.99  or direct from Badger Balm for $9.99 for the same 2 ounce tin.  You might think that a 2 ounce tin isn’t going to last you very long, however, you use such a small amount each night that I think it will last for a number of months even if I use it every night, possibly even a year.  And honestly, for something that helps me relax and get a good night of sleep, I am will to pay the £7.00 or $10.00 to replace it.  I’ve also read in various reviews that it works well as just a regular moisturizer but I haven’t tried it for anything but sleep.  I will also point out that if your inability to get to sleep or stay to sleep is from some physiological reason, like pain, and not a mental thing, this might not help for you.  Of course, the soothing scent that will help relax your and your brain will perhaps still help you a bit.

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