Style Notebook: Jaeger Winter Sale Now On

If you’ve been slow getting into all of the post-holiday sales, there are still some great values to be had in the Jaeger winter sale.  They have lots of their beautiful clothing and accessories on sale currently with reductions of up to 50%.  As part of my effort to upgrade and improve my wardrobe, I decided to take advantage of the sale to get myself a few items.  I even got Dave a gorgeous new jumper too.  And of course, I’ve just been browsing and found an item or two that I might consider getting as well while the sale is still on.

Jaeger Winter Sale Now On!
Jaeger Winter Sale Now On!

I love the clothing and accessories at Jaeger and have quite a bit of their stuff in my wardrobe.  So, naturally, whenever they have a sale or a special deal on for loyalty card holders, I try to take advantage of it.  And their winter sale was the perfect time for me to get a couple of items to add to my winter wardrobe.  And at a great savings too.  I purchased all of the items on the left of the image above and I’m seriously considering getting the cute black and white striped knit dress too.

All in all, I ended up saving quite a bit due to the outstanding winter sale discounts, not to mention another £47.60 from a special deal for loyalty card holders that took an additional 20% off of everything.  Each of the cashmere jumpers were £99.00, representing a discount of £51.00 from their original prices of £150.00 each.  Both of the cashmere jumpers are gorgeous and luxuriously soft.  The cowl neck jumper, the blend of the two jumpers in my image above (the ivory of the one sweater and the cowl neck of the other), is very nice with the cowl neck being quite comfortable and not too tight and constricting.  I love the cashmere jumpers because they are lightweight and not at all bulky, but so warm that they make the perfect winter layer, even for the most unpleasant cold weather.  Dave isn’t really a v-neck fan, but I convinced him that such a nice jumper was worth it and the v-neck isn’t very deep, so it doesn’t bother him but still looks nice with either a t-shirt or a collared shirt underneath it.  The skinny corduroy jeans were originally £99.00 but were reduced to £40.00 in the sale, which I thought was a great deal for such well made trousers.  So, I was pretty pleased with my post-holiday shopping since all of the items I purchased would have originally cost £399.00 (without the £3.95 for shipping) but with the sale and my additional 20% off I was fortunate enough to pay just £194.35, even with the £3.95 charge for delivery.  I like anything that saves me £208.60!!  How can you not like that savings?

And all of that savings has me eyeing the nice black and white knit dress.  It was originally £180.00 but now it is just £80.00.  It is very tempting.  I like the knit dresses for winter because I can wear them over tights or leggings for a fairly effortless, but stylish look.  It would go perfectly with my black knee high or ankle boots too.  I think I’m talking myself into this the more I type. LOL

If you’re on the lookout for some great deals, you should check out the Jaeger sale.  I’m not sure when it will end, but I’m guessing it will end by month’s end since they are saying that they are having final reductions now.  So, if you’re interested I wouldn’t wait too much longer to check it out or make your purchases.

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