Check out Net-A-Porter’s Sister Site: The Outnet

Do you have a weakness for designer clothing, beautiful shoes, and great designer accessories?  But maybe you really hate paying the high prices often associated with those types of items?  Well, you’re in luck because The Outnet is an outlet store that is perfect for the fashion lover on a budget.  They offer great fashion items for HUGE discounts, some as much as 75% off.

THE OUTNET:  The Most Fashionable Fashion Outlet
THE OUTNET: The Most Fashionable Fashion Outlet

The Outnet was created by the team behind Net-A-Porter and has over 250 designer brands.  Their collection is as carefully curated as that on Net-A-Porter so that you are getting a great selection at outstanding prices.  Sure, it’s not all from the latest collections, but for 60% off, you can probably deal with that.  Since they offer more than 250 designers, you should be able to find just about any brand that you love, designers like Alice + Olivia, Charlotte Olympia, Diane von Furstenberg, Issa, Miu Miu, Temperley London, Tory Burch, and Valentino.  Seriously, there are a ton of great designers to choose from.  Plus, they get new arrivals every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so there is fresh stock quite often.  Since they are a sister company of Net-A-Porter, I imagine that the customer service will be just as outstanding too, with nice shipping options and easy returns.

And before you start having flashbacks of all of the horrible outlet stores you’ve ever been in before, with their out of date and ugly options, I will just say that this is not that outlet store.  The selection does not seem to be made up of all of the ugliest designer items ever created, most everything I have seen while browsing it is still just as gorgeous as you would expect from the designers.  The only downside is the limited selection of sizes.  Since it is an outlet, not every size is available so it might take some extra searching by you to find something.  However, you can quite easily search by size so that you only see the things that will work for you.  Also, if you sign up for their newsletter you can select a size and they will tailor your emails for your specified size to make your shopping time more efficient.

I really like their “Dress Me” section since I’m not that great at putting things together all the time.  They list different style types or occasions so that you can see some example outfits and buy the looks that you like.  They have a tailored selection of the appropriate clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags so that you can pull off a specific look.  It certainly makes shopping a little easier, especially on a site that has so wide a selection.  I can’t wait to really take a good look around and find some deals!

And to make it even more attractive, right now they are offering free shipping.  You just have to enter SHIPFORFREE during checkout.

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