Dior Vernis Cherie Bow Nail Glow

While I was writing my post the other day about the Dior Addict Lip Glow, I realized that I have had the Nail Glow for a year and haven’t written about it yet.  And I LOVE IT, so it’s weird that I forgot to write about it.  So, today I am going to rectify my past oversight.

I’m not a big manicure person.  I like to have nice looking nails but I don’t go overboard with it.  I have a range of nail polish but truthfully it is all for my toes, except for the divine Dior Nail Glow.  As soon as I saw the first announcement of this, I knew I had to have it and that it would be perfect for me.  Luckily, it did not fail to live up to all of the hype.  Nail Glow is the same concept as the Dior Lip Glow, except for nails instead of lips (as I said in my post the other day).  It gives your nails a polished, shiny look with just a hint of pink that somehow, as if by magic, makes the white part whiter and the rest healthy and pink looking.  It just exacerbates the natural colour of your nail area, I would say.  Here’s what FeelUnique has to say about it:

To reveal the natural beauty of your nails, Dior has invented Nail Glow. A treatment nail varnish that makes pink pinker, and brightens nail tips for an instant French manicure look.

Dior Vernis Cherie Bow Nail Glow
Dior Vernis Cherie Bow Nail Glow

I just absolutely love the Dior Nail Glow!  With just one quick coat you can transform your nails.  You will really look like you just had a manicure because your nails will have this lovely shine to them and the colour will make your nails look healthy and your tips look white.  It’s not quite up to the whiteness level of a true French manicure, but is likely the best solution for an at home manicure.  I’ve also tried this on my feet to get a similar elegant finish to my toe nails.  While I still like some colour on my toes, this has definitely become my go-to polish for my finger nails.

It’s the quickness of it that is really impressive too because all you need is just a single coat.  You don’t even need two, but if you choose to do two coats the pink and white areas will be even brighter.  I have found that sometimes with two coats though my pink part starts to look a little violet in colour.  That could just be due to the natural colouring of my nail area though.  The pink/purple colour can also be intensified if you are wearing clothing of that colour.  So now I just do a single coat because it doesn’t seem to be affected as much by what I’m wearing.

It is quite durable, even with just a single coat.  I find that it looks good still after five to seven days, depending on what I’ve been doing with my hands, but definitely at the end of a week it needs a refresh.  Of course, since it is so quick and easy, you don’t mind taking the few minutes to re-paint your nails.  Plus, the bottle is small enough that taking it with you on a trip isn’t a big problem either, even with the restrictions on flights.  For what it’s worth, I tried putting a clear coat over the Nail Glow and wasn’t impressed with the results.  It didn’t make it any more durable, which was my hope, but seemed like it just make it flake off faster.  I don’t think my top coat was with a Dior product, so maybe that would make a difference.  However, since the Nail Glow works so nicely all on its own, it hardly seems worth the added hassle of putting a different clear coat on top.

Part of the ease of applying the polish comes from the really nice brush design that Dior have come up with for all of their nail polish.  It’s kind of wider and slightly curved at the end, but flat.  The whole shape of it makes it very easy to cover your nails almost perfectly with just three strokes of the brush.  Plus, it doesn’t seem to veer towards having too much polish on the brush and thus making a mess of your nails.  It applies a nice coat of polish that isn’t glumpy and will dry pretty quickly.  I’ve never timed how quickly it dries, but it’s just a few minutes before I can resume normal activities without the fear of smudges or damage to the polish.  I think the little chubby bottle for Dior polish also makes it easier to handle but that could just be me and my preferences.

I use my Nail Glow all the time and the current bottle has lasted for almost a year, so it seems well worth the price of £18.00 (at FeelUnique.com).  I’m actually in need of a new bottle, finally.  I think since you need just a single coat, it seems to last and last and last.  This is the perfect polish if you like your hands to have a finished look but don’t want to pay for a weekly manicure and want something that looks better than just a slap of clear polish.  Also, unlike some colours, this looks great on nails of any length.  You can get excellent results in just five minutes and I really don’t know any other polish that can match it.  I would highly recommend everyone have a bottle of this because it works so well.  There’s no excuse now for not having very lovely looking nails all of the time now.

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