Great Product Suggestions from FeelUnique and PopSugar

It’s getting to be that time of year when you might be looking to try some new products, or you’ve got to get into the Spring and Summer swing of things with different needs for your skin and look.  Or, maybe you’re going on a trip for Easter, Spring Break, or just your yearly Summer holiday.  Well, I’ve got a couple of good articles for you to check out today for advice on what travel sized items to take on your next trip, as well as some recommendations from the FeelUnique staff on self tanner, mascara, and face peels.

FeelUnique’s Beauty All Access “We’ve Been Testing” Feature

I buy quite a bit of my makeup, hair and skin care products from FeelUnique.  I like how quickly they deliver – for free – and what a wide selection they have on their site.  And they are always adding new brands to choose from too, just recently they added Urban Decay and coming soon is Aveda.  The other thing I like about them is that they have a lot of resources for tips on how to do makeup and hair, or what products to buy for what need, they also host a lot of Facebook question and answer chats with top stylists, designers, doctors, and the names behind a lot of excellent brands. Recently, they’ve started to include a section in their Beauty All Access area about products they have been trying out, which I find super helpful.  First off though, I have to say that the Beauty All Access ezine (or whatever you want to call it), is full of great tips and has all of the latest seasonal style updates to keep you up to date and looking great in all areas, from makeup and hair, to fitness and nutrition.  It’s one of my top beauty reads each month.  They have a feature called “This Works for Me” that is nice because they interview celebs and stylists about their beauty product essentials and tips, as well as fashion looks.  I always find them interesting and it’s a good place to get suggestions for new products too.

The section I really wanted to point out though, was the “This Month We’ve Been Testing…” feature.  They have three different product types that they are testing this month: self tanner, lengthening mascara, and facial peels.  Self tanner and facial peels are a the perfect way to get a head start on your Spring and Summer skin.  Definitely after winter, we could all use a bit of a boost for our skin, so these might work for you.  They have a little bit of reasoning behind each product on the list, as well as a tip for each of the three product types.  I also like that everything they test isn’t crazy expensive, they have stuff that should be good for just about any budget. Also, each category they have broken down the products into things that are best for a particular situation or desired result as well as the best overall, for instance they self tan is broken down into best for light skin, best for deep skin, and best all around.  It’s nice that they don’t just act like one product will be great for everyone in every situation.  But definitely give it a quick look.  It’s very short and sweet with just like a bullet point for the nine products that they suggest and the three tips.

PopSugar’s “10 Travel-Sized Essentials Under $10” Article

Obviously, this one is geared toward US readers because all of the product prices are listed in dollars, but even if you’re not in the US, the suggestions are great for getting the most out of your travel beauty kit.  There is nothing worse than going on holiday and having your skin and hair suffer because you don’t want/can’t bring your full-sized products with you and don’t really have great substitutes.  Or, worse yet, you just totally let your standards slip and end up with horrible hair and skin as a result.  I will also point out that there are great travel sized containers for just about every type of product now too that you can get at places like Boots or Walgreen’s.  I even use these little miniature zip top bags that you can find in craft stores for a lot of my travel things now because they are flat and resalable, but do work pretty well for semi-liquid things moisturizer or hair conditioner.  Also, you can sometimes get sample sizes of your favourite brands and products from department stores, but this is definitely hit or miss.  I really wish that everyone would let you buy small sizes of their products so you’d know that you can have the same great products on holiday that you do every other day.  I’m sure everyone’s hair and skin would be very happy with that.

The PopSugar article covers ten travel sized necessities for the important travel issues of keeping your hair and skin happy, from dry shampoo to a body exfoliator.  And the best part is that they are all things that you can easily fit in your allowed Ziploc of liquids and they won’t break the bank because they are all under $10.00 too.  It’s nice that so many good things can be found, for reasonable prices, that fit the requirement of being less than 100 ml/3 oz for all of us that like to have decent products when we travel. They even have a travel sized hairbrush that it wouldn’t be too much of a space hog in comparison to your regular, full-sized one.  The Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo ($9.00 for 50 ml can) is on their list and I think I’m going to have to try this, even if not on a trip, because it gets mentioned all over the place and people just rave about it.  Much like the FeelUnique article, this one is short and sweet with just a brief description of the product, as well as pricing information, so there’s no excuse to not at least give it is quick perusal.

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