Beauty’s Most Wanted Cosmetics at Costco

I think I’ve mentioned a couple of times before that my other blog is all about Costco,  I actually get a number of my health and beauty products there.  Costco isn’t just for giants buckets of nachos and 24 roll packs of toilet paper.  In the last couple of years, Costco has been trying to get a wider, and better, selection of makeup, skin care, and hair care products.  They’ve always had stuff in kind of a hit or miss fashion, but now they are starting to get a much stronger selection in the US.  They used to have their own line of skin care products that were produced by Borghese and people loved them, sadly though, they have (for some reason) decided to discontinue that line.  However, now they’ve got the Beauty’s Most Wanted collection, a selection of cosmetics from well known stylemakers for makeup, skin and hair care.

Beauty's Most Wanted Collection now at Costco
Beauty’s Most Wanted Collection now at Costco

Today, I received a big box of products from the Beauty’s Most Wanted collection available at Costco (online and in various US warehouses) to try out and review.  And I honestly, can’t wait to give everything a try.  I received a wide selection of the Pati Dubroff makeup line that you can find at Costco, including an Perfect Palette eye shadows, Visionary Eyes eye crayons, Perfect Nudes lip gloss collection , and the Star Palette, which is a really nice looking set of portable, interchangeable colour palettes. As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve got a love for lip gloss, so I’m especially looking forward to trying those out.  I also received the Dr. Jessica Wu Vivid Intense 15% Vitamin C Serum.  It is supposed to promote collagen production, brighten your complexion, and give your skin a finer texture.  I’ve had varying results with serums from other brands, so I am anxious, and hopeful, that this will live up to the claims; the reviews on are pretty encouraging.  The other product I received was an Orlando Pita Argan Restoring Treatment Hair Mask.  My hair is very fine in texture, so things like this can be a bit heavy for my hair, however, since I colour it, my hair could definitely use a boost now and then to keep it healthy and shiny.

I’ll be doing reviews of each of the products that I received in the coming weeks.  I want enough time to try everything out well enough that I can give a considered opinion.  I’m sure the last review I do will be for the serum so that it has plenty of time to work its magic.  Until then, if you want to find out more about the products you should check out the Beauty’s Most Wanted website.  Or, you can find the cosmetics at various Costco US locations, as well as on the Beauty’s Most Wanted page at  Unfortunately, for all of us beauty lovers in the UK, Australia, Korea, or Japan, our selections just aren’t as wide as Costco US.  However, I am definitely hoping that changes in the next year or so (hint, hint Costco).  We all love beauty and bargains too, Costco!

I’m really excited to give all of these (hopefully) great products a try and share my reviews with everyone.  Just like most people, I enjoy trying out new products like this, but just because I received them for free doesn’t mean that I will let that colour my judgement.  My opinions are still my own.

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