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Where would we all be without YouTube?  How would you get your fill of funny cat videos or stupid stunts or music videos – the good and bad?  Well, there’s a lot more on YouTube than just pure entertainment, a number of the videos or channels have really excellent video tutorials.  I wanted to post about a couple of my favourites for learning makeup and hair techniques and tips.

As I have mentioned on here before, I am pretty basic in my skill level of makeup application.  So I need a bit of coaching and information to improve.  YouTube is the perfect place too because I can do this in the privacy of my own home where I can quickly wipe away the mistakes and tragic errors and start again.  Or, just pause the video to try something out.  Not to mention, I have all of my own makeup and brushes to be actually hands on with my own tools and expert instruction at the same time.  It’s almost as good as having a private lesson, and in some ways better.  There’s no one around to laugh or think you are inept when the only one watching is your computer.

I have two YouTube channels that I have found particularly educational: Maskcara (who also has a terrific blog) and Lisa Eldridge.  Maskcara has a number of videos on hair and makeup that are really easy to follow and allow you to easily recreate looks on your own face or hair.  Her blog has lots of helpful information too and is one that I read regularly.  She also has her own makeup that she recently released but its only available in the US (so far).  I like Maskcara because she comes off as a normal personal, like a friend who is just showing you how to do something, not too technical or formal, which lensd her videos a great style that is every bit as informative but more approachable.  I find it really nice too that she often shows the end result makeup look at the start of the video and then shows you how to recreate the look, with all of the products and brushes that she uses.  She is also a whiz with highlighting and contouring and showing you how to make the most of your face by working that trick to your advantage.  I also appreciate that she uses a wide variety of brands, at different price points, that even regular people could buy or try.  Here’s one of my favourite videos of hers that shows a nice makeup look and also touches on the highlighting and contouring that she’s so good at demonstrating:


On the other hand, Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist and all of her videos are very polished.  But she has a nice style as well, that makes her easy to watch and learn from, even when the videos are long.  I also read her blog quite often and find it has a lot of helpful information, including full product lists for her videos, along with the videos.  In addition to both of those, she also does videos for Chanel that you can find on their website under the ‘Private Lessons‘ area in the makeup section.  There are videos for complexion, nails, eyes, lips, and brushes and accessories.  Her YouTube channel though, is one that I use often as a way to get tutorials on how to achieve certain looks.  Most of the videos are pretty detailed and thus aren’t just something that fits into five minutes, most of them seem to range from 9 to 14 minutes in length.  But if you are trying to learn something, you don’t want the person to fly through everything without imparting all of the details.  Her videos range from super basic things, like how to take off your makeup properly (seriously) to more complex things like how to get the look of a particular celebrity or special occasion makeup.  She’s got one video, that is kind of long at 15 minutes, but she thoroughly explains how to do what she calls the “Ultimate All Occasion Look for Everyone” and is just a really nice look:

So, those are some of my favourite YouTube channels for finding out all of the good tips, tricks, and techniques to help my makeup look better.  Between them, they cover probably everything you could ever want to know, and a bunch of stuff you hadn’t even thought of too.  I think Maskcara has over 70 videos available now and Lisa Eldridge has almost 180 videos to watch.  So go check them out and perfect your look.

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