Pepperberry: Clothes Designed with Your Boobs in Mind

If you’re a girl who has been endowed with a bigger than the average C-cup bust, you know that it is hard to find clothing that really fits properly.  I’ve had this problem for a long time, and I’m glad that there’s finally someplace that I can now find all kinds of shirts and jackets that keep my boobs in mind.  It is refreshing to have clothing that isn’t fighting against my bust and gaping or pulling unattractively.  I always found that I was either buying things that were too blousy looking because they had to fit over my chest without gaping (in the case of things with buttons) or knitwear that was really tight across my chest and pulling in a way that wasn’t alluring just bad.  But a couple of years ago I found Pepperberry and have happily bought blouses with buttons that I can actually wear without showing my bra!  It was truly a moment of triumph!

Pepperberry isn’t like the normal clothing store because all of their styles have been “designed with your boobs in mind” (their motto).  They seem to have a very good handle on designing stylish clothing that will still fit your bust, and the rest of you, and help give you that boost that comes from wearing something you really like and know looks good too.  Here’s what they have to say on their website about fit and style:

We’ve created our clothes in standard high street sizes, but with three different curvy options depending on how much extra room you need for your bust. Choose from Curvy, Really Curvy or Super Curvy.

We understand how to make bigger boobs look great in clothes. Whether it’s about cutting a top to accommodate your bust before going back in to follow the line of your body, or positioning the buttons on a double breasted coat to give you a more streamlined shape. We want to make sure you relax in the knowledge that you don’t have to change your style choices just to accommodate your boobs.

Pepperberry: The Classic Shirt, a.k.a My Dream Shirt
Pepperberry: The Classic Shirt, a.k.a My Dream Shirt

It is really uncomfortable and a bit of a blow to your self-confidence to wear clothes that are ill fitting – whether too tight or too loose.  For years I wanted a white button down shirt that I could wear under stuff, over stuff, or on its own with a pair of jeans.  But what I didn’t want was for that white button down to either look like I borrowed it from my husband or that it had shrunk in the wash.  The gaping button thing is the worst and changes your posture and can really kill your confidence.  It always made me feel really fat or frumpy to have my clothes pulling across my bust and looking like the buttons were going to pop off and put someone’s eye out.  Definitely not a good look or feeling. My closet is littered with white button down shirts that just don’t fit – too loose, too tight, just not right at all.  But then I found Pepperberry and one of the first things I bought from them was a white button down shirt, The Classic Shirt, that I love and wear all of the time now.  They sell it in a few different colours, but always white, and it is truly the shirt I was searching for for all of these years.  It looks crisp and tailored and fits beautifully without gaping buttons.  The buttons are actually sewn on better than on most shirts so they feel really secure, plus their placement of them is more conscious of bust concerns like avoid the gaping button problem.  They have recently made a few changes to the design, based on customer feedback, so I’m thinking I’m going to have to buy another one.  The price of £39.00 is so good that I might even be crazy and get one or two of the other colours.

They have clothing for all seasons, even coats, and always change things up for new trends and colours, to keep it fresh and stylish.  Their new Summer collection has so many cute dresses and tops for Summer that I will definitely be doing a bit of Pepperberry shopping.  I really like their little knit dresses and have a number of them in my wardrobe right now.  They have a variety of different styles to accommodate different tastes, and also different body shapes because just because you have big boobs doesn’t mean the rest of your body must fit just one shape.  There’s too much that I like for me to point it all out, but I will say that they have a short sleeved version of the classic shirt for £35.00, that I have my eye on for sure.  It’s not all about tops or dresses though, because they also have skirts, shorts, and trousers.

If you’re planning on a summer holiday that requires a new swimsuit, you should check out Pepperberry’s sister company, Bravissimo.  They sell lingerie and swimwear for the busty girls too.  I buy a lot of my bras from them because they cater to the D – L cup crowd.  I don’t love all of their lingerie styles, but it is nice to be able to have some choices that aren’t just industrial-strength looking things in black, white, or nude.  Their swimwear options are great though because they make sure that you aren’t going to have too much bounce or any possible unfortunate swimsuit mishaps.  The tops are all bra-sized so it is super easy to find one that fits and covers everything you want it to cover, and still gives you the support that you need, without looking boring or like you are planning to swim the Channel.  I’ve actually been able to get bikini tops here that support, cover, and still look cute too.  I also like that you buy the top separate from the bottom so that you can get coordinating colours and styles that match the top but the fit for both individual parts is right.  They also have one piece swimsuits that I’m sure fit really well too but I haven’t tried one yet.

I mostly order online, though they do have physical stores too, but they might not have the clothing at all of the locations.  There’s a nice shop in London close to Oxford Circus, with both clothing and lingerie, that is pretty good sized and will allow you to get a bra fitting too; this is the one that I’ve actually been to.  They have a number of stores around the UK though, so there’s a good chance there is a physical store near you where you can try one some of their items too see how they work for you and get a bra fitting.  Most women wear the wrong bra size, so it is a good idea to get a fitting once a year.  It’s not a super comfortable situation, but the end result will be a better fitting and more comfortable bra.  I was wearing the wrong bra size for a while and finally got a fitting and looked like I lost 20 pounds probably just by having the proper bras on and getting everything supported adequately.

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