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Since I had a post about Pepperberry and Bravissimo the other day, I figured I should post something about where I get my sports bras too.  As I mentioned, I’m busty, which means that getting a sports bra to support me adequately for a workout, with running, can be really difficult.  Or, at least it used to be until I found Boobydoo.  The name is hilarious and certainly not hard to forget, but they are a great resource for any woman who works out and wants to have plenty of options when finding the right sports bra.

Boobydoo is a UK company that truly specializes in sports bras with the biggest selection in the UK, I’m sure.  They have more sports bras to choose from in one helpful site than anywhere I’ve ever shopped before.  They have twelve different brands that they feature and a ton of different styles to get the one that is just right for you and your workout style.  Plus, they know that we ladies like to have something aside from just white sometimes, so there are lots and lots of different colours to choose from as well.  And they’re not just for busty girls either, they start with sizes from 28 A and go up to a 50 J.  So now no one has an excuse to not be wearing the right bra during their workout.

Bobbydoo has all the best brands in the sports bra world:  Berlei, Dans-Ez, Elomi, Enell, Freya, Moving Comfort, Nike, Panache, Pure Lime, Shock Absorber, Sportjock, and Triumph.  I like that they have a way to easily filter on the type of bra that you like (front fastener, zip back, high impact, etc) so that you don’t have to waste time looking through the other things that won’t interest you.  Plus, they also have a series of pages where the products are broken down by the sport or activity that they work best for, like running, yoga, horseback riding.  For each bra they list the bullet point features, then put in their own review or information, and then they have all of the truly important information such as:  back type, fastening style, support level, support type, wired or not, and a list of sports that they suggest would be a fit for the style of bra and support level.  They give you a ton of information in a way that makes it easy to narrow down to the right bra.  If you’re unsure of where to start size-wise, the Boobydoo Fitting Room can give you advice and even a video about getting the best fit for your sports bra.  And be sure to check out the ShockAbsorber Bounce-O-Meter on what a difference it can make to wear a sports bra instead of just a normal bra when you workout.

Berlei Running Bra at Boobydoo
Berlei Running Bra at Boobydoo

I used to have a real problem finding sports bras that were supportive enough.  Sometimes, I even had to wear two sports bras at the same time while I was working out.  It was good support but really uncomfortable to put on and wear.  I don’t even remember how I found Boobydoo the first time, but they’re my go-to retailer for my sport bras now.  If it hadn’t been for them, I probably never would have found my  favourite sports bra, or even heard of the brand.  For me, the Berlei Underwired Running Bra – B4915 for £23.96 – £31.95 (depending on colour) is the perfect match.  It is comfortable and supportive but doesn’t feel as constricting as some of the other heavy duty sports bras I have tried over the years; some that weren’t even that supportive just uncomfortably felt like a boa constrictor was wrapped around my chest.  It goes on like a normal bra, plus you can convert to a criss-cross strap configuration for a bit of different support or to wear under a vest or tank.  You can get briefs if you’re the kind of girl that likes to match under her workout gear.  I’ve not tried the briefs but I might pick some up next time I purchase a bra.  I’ve got three of these now and they hold up really well, but just like you wouldn’t wear your running shoes until they are falling apart, you should maintain good bras for the best support.  No one wants to sag before their time; that is not part of an Artful Appearance.

Not only does Boobydoo have great bras, but they have sportswear and some accessories too.  If you sign up for their newsletter you will find out about all of the sales and deals too.  They have some great deals, but in general I find that their prices are as good or better than I have found anywhere else.  But really, who doesn’t like a sale?  They deliver for free in the UK for orders over £50.00, plus they have a free returns or exchanges policy too.

No matter what type of sport you do, how hard your workout, or big or small your bust, you will definitely be able to find the right sports bra to fit your needs and your bust at Boobydoo.   No one wants to be fit but saggy, so it is important to get the right bra with all of the support you need to keep you from bouncing yourself into sagginess.

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