Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Masques

I had gotten a couple of Montagne Jeunesse masques (a Passion Peel Off Masque and a Blemish Mud Masque) in one of my Glossyboxes and really liked both of them.  I found that the peel off masque was much easier to remove in the shower than actually peeling it off; in reality I had very little luck peeling it off.  Both masques made my skin feel and look great, not GLAMGLOW great, but still really nice.

So, I decided to buy some more of their masques.  When I went to Amazon to find them, however, I found that Montagne Jeunesse has  a number of different types of masques and in all types of varieties of packs, so it is hard to choose from such a great selection.  It is even harder to choose because the prices are all really great.  I ended up deciding to go with a set of masques that is a bit different than the ones that I tried in the Glossybox but would allow me to get a really good variety of types of masque.  I purchased the Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Feasts 10 Masque Sachets.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Feasts Masques
Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Feasts Masques

The pack of Face Food Feast masques were just £6.00 for what seemed like ten total masques.  But in reality when you get the masques, you have 20 total masques, each in individual sachets.  It’s a bit confusing but they sell each masque in a two sachet package and they act like that is just one masque in the Amazon description, but they are attached via a perforated tear apart thing that still leaves each part totally sealed.  So, it’s a bit complicated, but really you do end up with 20 masques, four masque sachets for each of the five masque varieties.  In the pack you get four of each of the following:  Avocado and Walnut Exfoliating Masque, Cucumber and Apple Revitalising , Ginseng and Jasmine Thermal Masque, Orange Oil and Vitamin C Peel-Off Masque, and Dead Sea Mineral Mud Cleansing Masque.

The Ginseng and Jasmine Thermal Masque was certainly the most intriguing to me.  It really does heat up when you put it on your face.  It’s like magic!  The feel of the warming masque on my face, combined with the lovely ginseng and jasmine scents was so relaxing.  It made for a terrific at home spa treatment.  Plus, my skin felt super smooth afterward.  I was a bit worried that it might irritate my skin, which can sometimes get weird about new things like this, but it didn’t bother my skin, make it breakout or do anything unpleasant.   This is something that everyone should try out at least once because it is so cool how it gently warms your face.  You can get  two masque sachets of these at Amazon for £0.70 , so it’s pretty reasonable to give it a try.  It really is the perfect way to have a relaxing facial at home.

All of the other masques are pretty self-explanatory and don’t hide any surprises in how they behave.  The only surprise is how good they all smell.  The most important thing though, is that I have had excellent results from all of them.  It would be hard for me to pick a favourite because I have found them to all work really well.  The only one that I felt was a bit mediocre or lacking in the results was the Cucumber and Apple Revitalising masque.  It smelled really nice but I didn’t notice that much of a difference in my skin after using it; it was soft but not overly revitalised.  However, all of the other ones are terrific so I can forgive them for having one so-so masque.  The one thing I would suggest though is to use scissors to cut them apart and to cut the opening to the masque.  The first one I used I was trying to open with my hands, in the shower.  The fact that they don’t really tear open and the slipperiness of my hands made it impossible to open the masque.  So, now I always use scissors to cut them open, even if not in the shower because they just really do not open with just a pair of hands.

The masques are quite nice and when you add that to the super low price, these are definitely something to add to your cart next time you are buying stuff at Amazon.  I mean, where else can you get a decent masque for £0.30?  Masques are usually so expensive that they are only something that you want to use occasionally or for a special occasion.  However, with these being so inexpensive but still just as good as more expensive masques, you can use a couple each week and not feel like you are blowing through your whole beauty budget.  I use one of these once or twice a week.  I use at least one per week and then use one of these, or the GLAMGLOW, or another masque product at the weekend.  And of course, with their small size, these are perfect for travel because they will easily slide into your Ziploc of liquids and take up barely any room.

Despite the name, these masques are made my Face Food, in the UK and are vegetarian friendly.  If you try them out and find that you are really only a fan of one or two of the types, you can also buy each type separately in a two sachet pack for £0.70 (two total masques).  These masques will definitely be something that I will keep stocked up on now.  Though, maybe next time I will try one of the other Montagne Jeunesse masque packs from Amazon or make my own mix and match set.  In any case, Montagne Jeunesse has earned a permanent place in my beauty lineup.

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