My New Osprey OSP Corsica Bag

It’s springtime, which means that it is time to change your winter bag for a lighter spring/summer one.  I have a black OSP crossbody bag and a dark brown Coach shoulder bag that I use during mid fall and throughout winter.  But neither of them make for a great spring or summer bag because of their dark colours.  I like to lighten it up colour-wise during the spring, though I’m not usually whimsical enough to get a brightly coloured bag.  Every year though, I look at the wide array of brightly coloured bags and think I should get one, but I never do.  I’m jealous of people that can do that though, but it is just too much in contrast to my total practical handbag buying style.

Last summer I bought a small Coach bag that is the perfect size for the bare essentials – mobile phone, credit cards, money, Oyster card, sunglasses, lipgloss – but not much else.  I love it though because it is small and lightweight with a crossbody style that means I don’t have to worry about it slipping off my shoulder or getting annoying to hold.  But it definitely isn’t what anyone would call roomy inside.  Honestly, my sunglasses are pretty much pushing it to its limits.  Though, I can slip my Kindle into it and it is just big the right size to zip close, but there’s no spare room. It is ideal for taking with me when I travel though because it easily fits into my large Jaeger tote that I take on the plane, or it can even be packed inside my carry on suitcase without any trouble because it is so small and so flat.

Osprey OSP Corsica
Osprey OSP Corsica

So, the Coach bag is great for times when I’m not planning on carrying that much with me, but due to the small size, it isn’t great for everyday use.  I recently bought an iPad and found that it definitely won’t fit in there, not even with the zip open.  Since I like to take my tablet with me anytime I might get stuck needing something to read or keep me occupied (long tube rides or at the doctor’s office, for example), I decided that a new bag was in order.  I looked around at a few places to see if I could find my dream bag but didn’t have much luck, so I decided to pop into the new Osprey London store and found the perfect bag, the OSP Corsica, for what I wanted.  OSP is the casual (and cheaper) line from Osprey, but the bags are all still well made with the same attention and nice designs.  Here’s what they say about the OSP Corsica on the Osprey website:

A slimline, sporty number in buttersoft nut Nappa leather: we love the go-anywhere spirit of this great O.S.P OSPREY cross-body bag designed by Graeme Ellison to take you everywhere in style this season. Versatile, spacious and neat, it slips easily into hand luggage when travelling, while its fashionable leather tassel gives it the edge on arrival. Wear cross-body or on the shoulder – a perfect travel piece for this season and beyond.

Corsica interior:  lots of pockets and surprisingly roomy
Corsica interior: lots of pockets and surprisingly roomy

I’m not quite as marketing as them, but agree with the sentiment.  The Corsica is made from super soft leather, as it seems most of the Osprey and OSP bags are, it is nicely put together and well made, has a number of pockets and places to keep things you need easily at hand, plus it has a bright purple silky lining fabric so that all of your stuff inside the bag easily stands out.  I also like the wider strap that you can make long enough to be crossbody style or you can shorten it if you want a shoulder bag.  Plus, it has a tassel on the zipper for the main compartment that makes it cute and more fun.  There’s a single zippered pocket on the outside that is quite good sized and where I keep my Oyster card and keys, and a small pad of paper and a little pen.  Then in the main compartment there are patch pockets for a mobile phone as well as one that is large enough for me to keep my little wallet of credit cards and all that type of thing, and a lipgloss.  Also in the main compartment there is a zippered pocket that is perfect for things like a nail file, a compact, and any other essentials you don’t want rolling around in your bag.  The main compartment is wide/long enough for my iPad with just a bit of extra length, however, I can also fit my sunglasses in there or a small travel umbrella, depending on the weather.  So, that is pretty much everything I want to take around with me for a casual day out of shopping or running errands.  The Corsica is still quite slim and would fit in my tote for trips, however, would probably hog a lot of space.  It definitely couldn’t fully replace the roominess of my tote, but  I think with its flatness, it would be pretty easy to pack in my carry on luggage.

If you’re in London, I suggest taking a spin through the new Osprey London flagship store at 27 Regent Street because they have a lot of interesting items in there, including jewellery, lots of bags, leather goods of all types, and various knick-knack type items that give the store a really interesting, and unique feeling.  Plus, they have a cute little cafe on the lower level, which is also where they keep the OSP bags.  If you like the look of the OSP Corsica, you can get it online or in their stores for £99.00.  You can get it in just neutral “Nut”, like I did, but also in Coral, Black, Navy, and Canvas (still leather just a creamy off white colour), all have the same white contrast stitching.  If you place an online order for more than £50.00, you can get a free travel purse; only while supplies last though.

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  1. Hi, we were delighted to read your review of The Corsica from our St James flagship store – great choice of bag btw. Your blog is so full of detail that it felt like we were with you while you were shopping. We’d love to tweet about it – do you have a Twitter handle?

    Am sure our store team mentioned it already, but if you sign up in store, you’ll receive a VIP complimentary cup of tea (coffee, espresso…) throughout the month of May in our Regent Street store. If you missed out in store, you can sign up here In the meantime, good luck with your adventures in fashion and beauty and thanks again. x

    1. @Axia – Thanks for stopping by and adding the info about the VIP special for the month of May. I forgot to mention that and some of the other great VIP benefits.

      I don’t tweet, but thanks for a shout out!

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