Elizabeth Arden Original Eight Hour Cream at Costco

As you may know, I have a bit of a love for shopping at Costco, so I end up getting quite a bit of stuff there.  And sometimes, I happen on things that are amazing bargains, especially in the pricey health and beauty products.  I had been reading a lot about the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and how amazing it was and how it has won all of these awards, but I couldn’t convince myself to pay the money for it.  So I totally felt that I lucked out when I saw it at Costco for half the price I had seen it anywhere else.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Whenever I have super dry skin problems I used to turn to Mary Kay Extra Emollient Night Cream, however, it has a scent (I’ll call it that but really I mean bad odour) that is intrusive and doesn’t seem to dissipate, not to mention it kind of sits on your skin and leaves you feeling more greasy than soft, it’s kind of like Vaseline in that respect.  I’ve also tried other things like YuBe cream, but that’s also got an unpleasant smell due to the camphor, though it does absorb well in the skin and the smell dissipates after a bit.  However, both of them work really well on dry skin, cuts and scrapes, and all kinds of skin needs.   But now, I’ve found the lovely Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and I won’t be going back.

The Eight Hour Cream works just as well or better than anything else I’ve tried but it absorbs into the skin much better because of its lightweight formula.  Though the scent is pretty potent right out of the tube, it dissipates quicker than the other things I’ve tried that have a strong smell.  The thing that I really like is how quickly it absorbs into the skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and lovely, not sticky and greasy.  Plus, it really does keep your skin protected and happy for the whole day, even after you wash your hands.  I usually put some on in the morning and that works for the whole day and then at bedtime I put some more on to keep my hands moisturized all night too.  Most of the time now, especially at night, I put the Eight Hour Cream on and then follow it up with the L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream.  This combination seems to give me a real boost of extra moisturizing power that makes my hands feel great.

You can use this for all types of skin problems from dry or chapped skin or lips, to burns, or even things like shaping your brows, adding a bit of shine to your hair, and keeping your nails and cuticles in top shape.  This is also the perfect companion for long flights (or short ones) to keep your skin hydrated and happy despite the dry airplane air.  It is also great for your lips during flights which always seem to chap, at least mine do.  The small 50 ml tube is perfect too because it is within flight regulations.  I have also heard that this is great to use when skin is really irritated with anything from bug bites to sunburn to post-waxing hair removal.

I’ve been using this on my hands for a few weeks now and they have never felt or looked so well hydrated.  I have a little rash problem with a lot of lotions and creams due to a touch of eczema on my hands, but this hasn’t irritated my skin at all and has actually worked to heal it very nicely and keep me from needing to use the topical steroid cream.  And anything that keeps steroids out of life and off of my skin is a winner in my book.  I also think this works great as a lip balm to keep my lips protected and chap-free (a constant goal of mine) or just to give them a bit of shine with natural colour.  The tube seems really small since it is just 50 ml, however, I find that I need just a little tiny dab to keep my hands good for the day, like not even a pea sized amount, probably about 1/3 of that size.

The price of this is really amazing at Costco because it is just £11.99, but at most places I’ve seen this it is £22 – 26.00 for the same size tube.  It’s pretty much half price at Costco!  So that is awesome!  And at that price it is reasonable enough that I will always keep some of this on hand (no pun intended).

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