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Bank Holiday Sales at Two of My Beauty Favourites

FeelUnique: Save 10% or 15%

Dior Vernis Cherie Bow Nail Glow from FeelUnique

Dior Vernis Cherie Bow Nail Glow from FeelUnique

I have written about FeelUnique quite a lot since I started this blog, because they are my goto beauty supermarket. I buy skin and hair care there quite a bit, and they are always the first place I turn when I’m looking for makeup too.  They have a ton of different brands, both expensive and not, and are always adding new ones too.  The one brand they don’t carry that I really like, is Chanel, but I’m hoping that changes in the near future.  Their prices are really good too, usually very comparable to Amazon.  They also let you choose a couple of samples during checkout now too; I think the number of samples you get depends on how much you order.  The really cool thing they do now though is their Try Me program.  When you buy any of the products in their Try Me collection, they send along a sample size of a product that you have purchased so that you can try it out first to see if you like it, and if you don’t you can return your unopened full sized product.  I order from them once or twice a month usually and love how they have free delivery (worldwide actually) and their packages always arrive really quickly.  I placed an order with them around 5 pm Friday evening, and miraculously they had it shipped out Friday night too.  That’s an impressive turnaround time.

So, this great website is having a sale for the Bank Holiday where you can save either 10% or 15% depending on your order size.  If your order totals less than £30.00, you can save 10% using the code UNDER30 at checkout.  If your order totals more than £30.00, you can save 15% using the code OVER30 at checkout.  This makes it the perfect time to try out some new products!  And if you’re going to place an order, be sure to check out their Special Offers page.

DHC: Free Delivery on Orders Over £30.00

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I’ve been using DHC for years and years, so long that I don’t even remember how long it has been or how I even heard about them the first time.  I do know that it was the Deep Cleansing Oil that first got me hooked on DHC though.  It is a wonderful cleanser and certainly my favourite.  It leaves your skin perfectly clean, but still retaining all of the natural oils.  It can take off all of your makeup even stubborn mascara and eye liner.  It’s something I always have, I even have a small size that I use when I travel.  I love DHC so much that when we went to Japan last summer (where they are from), we took some extra time to do some DHC shopping and I brought back a lot of stuff (we actually ended up buying a new suitcase to fit my items in).  I love just about everything of theirs that I try.  In the last year, I’ve even started trying out more of their makeup because previously it was just their skin and hair care products that I used.  All of the makeup that I have tried is really nice too, and I’m planning on getting their mascara as well because it is in a lot of the Lisa Eldridge videos, so I figured I would give it a try.  Plus, if you order from them and really don’t like something or it is a problem for you, like it breaks you out or something, they have a 60 day guarantee.  I also like that they always let you pick four samples during checkout from their huge list of products, no matter how much your order total.

For today only, you can get free shipping on any order over £30.00.  If you’re going to order from them, I highly suggest the Deep Cleansing Oil. You should also make sure that you check out the sales and discontinued items because they often have really good deals in those areas.

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