La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub

I like to use a cleanser a couple of times per week that is more of a scrub than just a cleanser.  I like the gentle exfoliation, along with the side benefits of that like radiance and smoothness.  It seems like a good thing to get rid of dead skin and excess oil with something scrubby.  Of course, you want to avoid anything too harsh because that will do more damage than good.  A lot of scrubs and facial exfoliators use things that are just too gritty I think, so it can be hard to find something that is the perfect mix of cleanser, gentle scrub, and actually good for your skin.  I think the La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub is a good mix of all of those qualities and has worked really well for me.

La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub
La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub

The “Physiological” part of this scrubs name comes from La Roche-Posay formulating it, as well as the other cleansers in this range, to do the job of cleansing but maintain the delicate pH balance of your skin.  This is formulated for sensitive skin and is just what you want, or don’t want as the case may be, in your cosmetics:  no parabens, no soap, no alcohol, and no artificial colours.  And of course, it is enriched with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water too which is exceptionally rich in anti-oxidant selenium. The water has soothing, softening and anti-irritating properties which makes it perfect for any type of cleanser.

The little bits that do the actual scrubbing part are very fine, much smaller than most scrubs, and do their work without feeling harsh at all.  To be truthful, unlike almost every other scrub like this I have used, you really can’t even feel the exfoliating action, but you can definitely see and feel the results when you are done.  It’s gentle enough that you could use it every day, but I prefer to only use it a few times per week; three or four, depending on how my skin is looking in a given week.  Also, it will remove makeup but since you can’t use it around your eye area, or at least you really, really shouldn’t, you’ll need to use something else for that super delicate area.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and have found it to be a great switch from other scrubs.  Since it is free from soaps and alcohols and anything that will overly dry the skin, it never leaves me with that tight feeling.  Instead my skin looks really fresh and glowy.  I think it is even working to improve the texture a bit.  I definitely think my skin is looking better since I’ve started using this.  I feel like when I use a good scrub like this my makeup looks better and smoother.  Plus, I think my skin care works more effectively too.

I purchased my first tube from FeelUnique for the full price of £10.00 for the 50 ml tube.  I think that is a super fair price and would gladly pay that again, but luckily for me FeelUnique is having their French Pharmacy brands sale right now, so I don’t have to pay full price to get another one.  Throughout the rest of the month you can get the La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub for £6.66, and if you order more than £10.00 of stuff you get free shipping too.  I like it so much that I ended up buying a second one since it is such a good deal right now.   You can also find this at Boots for the same regular price of £10.00.


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