Style Notebook: Jaeger Summer Sale Now On

If you’ve been spending all of your time outside enjoying the great summer weather, you might want to come in for long enough to browse through the Jaeger summer sale.  They have lots of their beautiful clothing and accessories on sale currently with reductions of up to 50%.  As part of my effort to upgrade and improve my wardrobe, I have decided to take advantage of the sale to get myself a few items.  My summer wardrobe could be much nicer, so this is the perfect time to pick up a few key pieces.  They also have a few pieces that are certainly fall or even winter appropriate too, like a beautiful cashmere waterfall cardigan.  But the items in the image below are really the ones that I have my eye on.  I think they’d all be great to pep up my summer clothing choices, and make me seem a bit more pulled together, even when the weather is hot (well, hot for London).

Jaeger's Summer Sale is Now On - Save up to 50%
Jaeger’s Summer Sale is Now On – Save up to 50%

I love the clothing and accessories at Jaeger and have quite a bit of their stuff in my wardrobe.  So, naturally, whenever they have a sale or a special deal on for loyalty card holders, I try to take advantage of it.  And their summer sale is the perfect time for me to get a couple of items to add to my summer wardrobe.  And at a great savings too!

If you’re on the lookout for some great deals, you should check out the Jaeger sale.  I’m not sure when it will end, but I’m guessing it will end by the end of July definitely.  I can never remember how long their big sales like this last.  However, if you’re interested I wouldn’t wait too much longer to check it out or make your purchases before colours and sizes start selling out.  They have 430 clothing items and more than 100 accessories in their sale, so surely there is something that is perfect for you.

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