Pati Dubroff Beauty: Visionary Eyes Eye Crayons at Costco US

In the last couple of years, Costco has been trying to get a wider, and better, selection of makeup, skin and hair care products.  They’ve always had stuff in kind of a hit or miss fashion, but now they’ve got the Beauty’s Most Wanted collection, a selection of cosmetics from well known stylemakers for makeup, skin and hair care at their US stores and at  Continuing on from my post last Friday, I’m reviewing another product from the selection of Pati Dubroff Beauty cosmetics that you can find at Costco US.

Pati Dubroff Beauty: Visionary Eyes Collection
Pati Dubroff Beauty: Visionary Eyes Collection

I tried the Visionary Eyes Eye Crayon Collection too.  I love the Clinique lip colour balms which are also like a big crayon, and thought the Eye Crayons would be similarly easy to use, but I’ve had a hard time getting the hang of them.  You get five colours in the collection at Costco:  Rose Gold, Olivine, Truffle, Nocturne, Gunmetal.  And they come out ready to party.  These are super richly pigmented and go on just like they look in the crayon.  This is great if you want a really defined, bold look.  But that is rarely the look I want, so these are a bit much for me, of course you can smudge or blend them to lighten the colour.  You can use them as either an eye shadow or a liner, and then blend as required to get the look you are aiming to achieve.

These should be great for making a dramatic smoky eye look for an evening out because they seem so pigmented and dramatic.  Of course, that said, I have found that the colour seems to smudge, crease, and lighten once on for even a little bit of time.  I rarely wear an eye shadow primer, so this might be the problem, but I think a good eye shadow should not require a primer to stay put.  And I’ve never had this problem before with any eye shadow that I’ve worn, no matter the colour or brand.  I would only suggest using them as an eye liner if you like a rather smudged look because the tip is pretty wide and the formulation smudges incredibly easily I have found.  They are very portable since they are in this crayon form and that makes them perfect for your purse or suitcase.  I’ve taken them on trips because it allows me to augment my eye shadow palettes pretty easily without a bunch of space, which is handy.

Overall, I’m really not a fan because of the smudgy, quick to crease and disappear nature of them.  And my skin is pretty dry, so I can’t even imagine what a mess these would turn into if you had an oily skin type.  After having them on for just an hour, all of the colours end up looking like grey on me and are smudged and have sunk into all of the fine creases around the eyes, both on the lid and along the bottom lash line as eye liner.  As you can imagine this is not the look I want to achieve.  Perhaps these would work well for someone with a different skin type or who uses primer on their lids, but they’re not for me.

You can get the five eye crayon collection at for $11.99 plus $2.99 shipping.  The price is very good, unfortunately, I don’t think these live up to the quality of the other Pati Dubroff cosmetics that I’ve tried.  And I really wanted to like these because the purple colour is gorgeous in the crayon or on the back of my hand and would look great with my eyes, but these just aren’t working for me.  I’d like to try the eye shadow crayons again because of how convenient and travel friendly they are, but I’ll have to find a different brand.

Even though I did receive my selection of Pati Dubroff cosmetics for free from Hatch Beauty (the company behind Beauty’s Most Wanted), my opinions are still my own and I still feel like my biggest obligation is to be honest and open with everyone here about my experience with the products.  When I say I liked, or didn’t like, a product that is the truth and not something I have been paid to say.

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