Net-A-Porter Gets Sporty

I love Net-A-Porter with their wide selection of gorgeous designer clothing and makeup, plus their outstanding sales.  Not to mention, they have excellent customer service.  So I was intrigued when I got an email from them announcing their new site, Net-A-Sporter.  As you can guess from the title, it is all about clothing and accessories for your active lifestyle.  With all of their high end clothing on the normal side of things, I really was curious how that would manifest in the sportswear.

Net-A-Sporter up and running
Net-A-Sporter up and running

The Net-A-Sporter collection is broken up by twelve activity types, though two of those haven’t been fully introduced yet.  The categories are: Gym/Crossfit, Run, Yoga/Dance, Tennis, Swim/Surf, Outdoor, Equestrian, Golf, Aprés, and Accessories.  The two categories which are coming soon are: Sailing and Skiing.   I think that you can just skip the Outdoor category because it is really a huge letdown.  It’s pretty much just things for a country walk, not anything too strenuous or taxing.  I was hoping they might have some nicer pieces for my hiking trips that might be a little stylish.  Most of the other categories have a fair selection, not overwhelmingly huge, but a decent selection.  The Accessories category is just a mix of items that you can find in the other categories, like socks.

I work out four to five days a week and I like to hike and go camping for holidays.  So, over the years I have bought a lot of sportswear and active clothing.  But I’ve got to say, I’ve never considered paying £350.00 for a pair of trainers just because they are from Stella McCartney.  And these aren’t even super high tech running shoes, but something that looks like what I had when I was in third grade (mine were blue, but surprisingly similar).  Preposterous!  I’m also not paying £145.00 for a pair of track pants from Live the Process.  However, there are some more reasonable items mixed in with the overly high-end pieces too.  Aside from the stuff that makes Sweaty Betty look like they have bargain basement prices, you will find items from Nike, Falke, and Bodysim that are reasonably priced.  I’m always looking for better socks, so I might have to give some thought to picking up a pair of the Falke Ergonomic Sport System socks, even though they are £15.00 a pair.  Kind of like paying more for good skin care, I always think spending more money to get good quality shoes and socks is immensely important when exercising.

So, overall I’m not overwhelmed by the new Net-A-Sporter.  I guess I’m just too cheap with my exercise wear to find most of their stuff a good fit for me.  I also like all of the new technical fabrics but those advances seem to be totally missing from their offerings, except for Nike, of course.  I guess I’ll just have to stick with my standard exercise clothing bought from an assortment of places.

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