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Birchbox: September 2014

Posted 23 September 2014 By kimberly

I hadn’t even had a chance to really open my August Birchbox when I received my September box because I got it early in September.  I am hoping that I will warm to the Birchboxes with the next couple of boxes, because so far I feel kind of ‘meh’ about it. Though I do like […]

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Net-A-Porter Gets Sporty

Posted 14 July 2014 By kimberly

I love Net-A-Porter with their wide selection of gorgeous designer clothing and makeup, plus their outstanding sales.  Not to mention, they have excellent customer service.  So I was intrigued when I got an email from them announcing their new site, Net-A-Sporter.  As you can guess from the title, it is all about clothing and accessories […]

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Having a clean and bright white smile is important for those of us that worry about our appearance.  Your smile says a lot about you and is something that people really notice, not to mention, your mouth is on show all the time.  I have  nice white teeth, but just like everyone else, I like […]

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For the Right Sports Bra Go to Boobydoo

Posted 5 May 2014 By kimberly

Since I had a post about Pepperberry and Bravissimo the other day, I figured I should post something about where I get my sports bras too.  As I mentioned, I’m busty, which means that getting a sports bra to support me adequately for a workout, with running, can be really difficult.  Or, at least it […]

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Think Dirty App Helps You Find Healthy Cosmetics

Posted 21 March 2014 By kimberly

We all use a number of products on hair and skin everyday, but do you ever wonder if there’s anything dangerous lurking in your favourite shampoo or moisturizer?  Naturally, there’s an app for that.  Using this app, you can determine if there is anything nasty in the products you use everyday. The Think Dirty app […]

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