We’re Moving!

Dave and I are getting ready to move next week and are thrilled to be heading back to our old neighbourhood in London.  Currently, our existing flat is starting to get messy while we work towards getting everything ready for the movers.  And I’m also trying to make sure we have things like Internet when we get our new flat too.  We have a very long week and a half of packing and then unpacking, putting everything away, and setting up of our new place.

If you’ve moved anytime recently, you probably remember how stressful and time consuming it can be.  I’ve been trying to get everything organized for moving next week, as well as keep up my blogging, but really, that hasn’t been working out so well.  So, I’m going to take a little time off from blogging until we are fully moved in to our new flat and have broadband set up too.   Plus, it’s my birthday and a bank holiday right after we move too.  So, I’m guessing I won’t be back to blogging and normal until the end of August.

Personal Style Resolutions for 2014

I’m not really one for making resolutions at the start of the new year, they always seem to get broken or ignored.  However, I do like to set some personal goals for the coming year.  So, in 2014 I’ve got some goals as far as health and fitness, of course, fashion, and beauty.  I try to stick to things that I think are actually feasible for me to achieve.

  1. Goals for 2014
    Goals for 2014

    Exercising:  I would like to consistently exercise five days a week.  This is a fairly constant goal of mine, actually.   Since I have rheumatoid arthritis this goal is kind of a necessity for me maintaining full range of movement and being able to deal with my health situation as best I can.  I do a fairly hard workout four days per week and then one day per week I do things like walking and less high impact exercise.  I’ve had RA for about 15 years now and because of sticking to my exercise pretty faithfully I have been able to maintain my joint health pretty successfully.   Not to mention, exercise is good for maintaining weight and general health, and is essential for healthy skin.  As always, I’d like to lose a bit of weight this year, but I’m more concerned with being healthy than skinny at this point.

  2. Beauty: I’d like to tune up my skin care routine.  I’m pretty good about taking good care of my skin, but there’s always room for improvement.  And to be honest, sometimes I am really bad about being lazy at night and not properly cleansing and moisturising my skin before bed.  I’ve been using Lancome products for a number of years for my skin care.  Lately though, I’ve been thinking I might need to try out a few different products to make sure that I’ve got the best lineup for my skin.  I definitely want to find a good purifying mask and/or exfoliant and think I need to find new daytime skin care products.
  3. Beauty: I must find a new eye cream.  Currently, I use Lancome Hydra Zen Yeux Neurocalm Eye Contour Gel Cream but I don’t think it’s the right choice for me.  I have been noticing that my eyes seem kind of irritated and at first I thought it was my contacts, the solution, other things I use on my face, but I think I’ve really narrowed it down to this eye cream.  It is nice but something in it seems to be irritating my eyes and making them all red looking.  And that is certainly not stylish.  So, I’ve got a few samples of things from DHC and Molton Brown that I’m trying out now.  But I am going to have to do some research to find something that will work well and not make me look like I’ve been crying for the last week.  It’s always so hard to find new skin care products, so I imagine this is going to take some time.
  4. Beauty:  I’d like to try some more exciting makeup looks, especially for nighttime.  Pretty much my daytime and nighttime makeup looks are fairly consistent.  Okay, to be honest, they are identical.  I’d like to try eyeshadow in colours that are not in the beige or brown family.  I bought a purple Dior eyeshadow and have only used it once so far.  Tsk tsk tsk!  I have a look that is more like that fresh faced, I’m not wearing makeup I just have great skin type of look.  But really, sometimes it’s okay to look like you are actually wearing makeup and I’d like to get comfortable with that kind of look.  Not that I need to do that all the time, but sometimes, it would be nice to have a more dramatic look.  I have hazel eyes, so I’m going to start with some purple eyeshadows and maybe even get the courage up to try some greens by the end of the year or a really bold purple.  We’ll see.
  5. Beauty:  I’d like to finally figure out how to straighten and style my hair as well as my stylist.  The guy who cuts and colours my hair is brilliant and I always leave with gorgeous looking hair.  However, when I try to do it at home my results are inconsistent and never as smooth and sleek as when he does it.  And he doesn’t even use fancy products or things that I don’t have at home.  I have noticed that he takes a lot more time than I do, so I think this might be the key.  Also, he uses more of the volumizer, Philip Kingsley Maximizer, than I do and I have a feeling that is an important difference in the results.  Because that is honestly all that he uses on my hair and yet it looks leaps and bounds better than when I do it at home.
  6. set and reach goal conceptFashion: I want to wear scarves and jewellery and not look awkward when I’m doing it.  Fashion is something that does not come naturally to me and anything that I’m not used to wearing always makes me feel awkward and like I’m a dorky 13 year old again.  I’d love to be able to wear scarves and jewellery as accessories and make it look chic and not odd.  I’m pretty sure that accomplishing this goal is just a matter of forcing myself to do it so that it starts to feel more natural to me.  I have a number of scarves that I’ve bought over the years that all hang tidily in my wardrobe never seeing the light of day.  I think if I just start popping one on with my jumpers this Winter to finish off my looks, by Spring I’ll be feeling pretty used to it, enough to wear them more often certainly.  The same goes for wearing earrings and other jewellery.  Currently, I really just wear my watch which is lovely but a bit more would help to really put the finishing touches on my look.
  7. Fashion: I’d like to wear heels more often.  I’m fairly tall, so wearing heels has never seemed like a necessity to me the way it has to my shorter friends.  But really, sometimes I would like to wear them and not feel like a cross-dresser; and a new cross-dresser at that.  I would like to look elegant not lumbering.  This is one of those personal perception things, more than how I actually walk.  It’s a bit like the scarves, I’m just not used to doing it so it feels abnormal.  Like a lot of new habits we all try to cultivate, it’s just about trying it repeatedly until it feels normal.  The only downfall with this is that I mostly walk places and the pavements aren’t all that smooth necessarily so I have to be careful about the heels that I choose.

I’m sure that I have more things that I should focus on in those categories, but I feel like that is a good solid start.  Plus, all of those seem like things that I can accomplish if I just try a little bit harder to step out of my usual routines and habits.  It’s hard to make changes, but I’m pretty dedicated to it, so hopefully I’ll be able to do it.  Plus, now I have this blog and I feel like I’m more accountable this way.  I just have to make a bit of a plan and stick to it and in no time I’ll be making some definitely progress on my goals for 2014!

So, what are your resolutions or goals for the upcoming year?  How likely do you think you are to accomplish them?

Moving, Moving, Moving…Again

After more than nine very long months in temporary housing in Sydney and London, we are finally moving back into our own flat here in London  With all of our own belongings! While we are relieved to be back in a permanent place. as always moving is time consuming and annoying.  Currently, it looks like an explosion of packing material and boxes; not my favourite look.  We have a very long weekend planned with lots of unpacking, organizing and setting up of our new place.  But really, I am thrilled to have a decent bed with soft sheets again.  It sounds so trivial until you spend 10 months on lousy hotel beds.  And, I can have season appropriate clothing too!  Woot!

Of course, all of this moving stuff means that my blog won’t be getting the attention it deserves for a few more days.  Well, and the new place doesn’t have Internet yet.  So, I doubt I’ll be doing much blogging until next Friday when I’ll have both broadband and a clean, tidy, and organized flat.

Sorry for Being a Bad Blogger Lately

So sorry everyone for being a bit of a slacker blogger the last week or two.  We’ve been trying to arrange to buy a flat here in London since we got back from Sydney in July.  I am amazed at how much more difficult this has been than I would have ever thought.  It’s funny to me how you can have money to spend and still can’t manage to find a place to buy.  So, as a result we have decided to just give in and rent a flat instead.

Honestly, after NINE MONTHS of living in temporary housing both in Sydney and London, we are well over the “fun” (not that there ever was any) of living in a little tiny temporary place.  It’s not at all as glamourous as living in a hotel because it’s not like we are talking about living in someplace super posh.  And the worst part is that we’ve been wearing the same little wardrobe since then.  I think I have bought two jumpers since we left in January out of necessity; summer clothes aren’t that useful when the weather changes and turns cold.  I’ve also gotten sick of having my very abbreviated makeup kit.  I just want all of my stuff back!  My clothes, my makeup, my own hair dryer, my shoes.  I could go on, but I’m sure you can all get the understanding of the situation.

In any case, this is all just a long winded way of saying that finally we have found a flat to let and will be moving next week.  The last couple of weeks have been a flurry of looking at places to buy and let, so I’ve been slacking a bit on my writing.  But I promise that I will be better!  I’ve got a number of things to review from my makeup purchases lately, some new hair and skin care products, as well as clothes.  I just popped in to Harrod’s this weekend to use my reward points to get some new Dior lip colour in a lovely red and a super pigmented purple eyeshadow that I will of course have to write about.   I’ve also got a major fashion dilemma coming up at the end of November when we have a black tie event to go to in New York.  What to wear, what to wear?  I imagine I will have a bunch of posts about that too.  So, I have plenty to write about and promise that I will get back to being a good kid and posting regularly.