Pati Dubroff Beauty: Perfect Nudes Lip Gloss Collection

In the last couple of years, Costco has been trying to get a wider, and better, selection of makeup, skin and hair care products.  They’ve always had stuff in kind of a hit or miss fashion, but now they’ve got the Beauty’s Most Wanted collection, a selection of cosmetics from well known stylemakers for makeup, skin and hair care at their US stores and at  Continuing on from my post last Friday as well as my post on Monday, I’m reviewing another product from the selection of Pati Dubroff Beauty cosmetics that you can find at Costco US.

Pati Dubroff Beauty: Perfect Nudes Lip Gloss Collection
Pati Dubroff Beauty: Perfect Nudes Lip Gloss Collection

I also tried the Perfect Nudes lip gloss collection from Pati Dubroff and really like them all.  The subtle colours have just the right amount of shine for me.  I am a big fan of lip gloss because it gives you some colour and sheen, and leave lips feeling more moisturized than lipsticks.  Of course, the downside is that they don’t usually have the same staying power as lipstick.  But I like the look and feel of a good lip gloss, so I deal with the need to reapply.  I think lip gloss, especially sheer ones like these, are great for summer because they give you that finished look but with a really light appearance that seems ideal for when the weather is warm.

The Perfect Nudes collection includes four colours: Nude Glow, Nude Sugar, Nude Kiss, Nude Honey.  I love them all and couldn’t really pick a favourite.  Amazingly, they all work really well with my skin tone and just give me that little bit of polish to my look without being too obvious.  Thus the name “Perfect Nudes”, I guess.  The Nude Glow is the only one with shimmer to it and is the lightest as well.  As a result of the shimmer, it is a bit more limited as to when you might want to use this one.

I like the amount of sheen they give which isn’t a super high gloss look, but just shiny enough to make your lips look nice.  The formulation, as the name might suggest, is quite sheer and not heavy at all.  As a result of the sheerness, they don’t last that long, maybe an hour or two depending on what you are doing.  I’d say they last reasonably long and probably as long as most other lip glosses that I have tried.  I think they do an admirable job with longevity because I have worn them when I’ve been talking a lot and even drinking and they last through all of that without needing to be reapplied.  They aren’t sticky, not even a hint of stickiness to them, which is nice and not always what you get with lip gloss either.  I think the non-sticky nature of the lip gloss is perhaps what makes it not rub off (right away) when you are talking or drinking.  Of course, it also means that your hair won’t constantly be stuck to your lips if there is a bit of a breeze, either.

I also think they are really great for layering.  They are the perfect light layer to put over lipstick or lip stain to enhance the colour and give you a bit of shine.  Of course, since it is summer, this is the perfect time to go nude and sheer on your lips; very on trend right now it seems.  The colours and everything, are absolutely perfect for completing your summer makeup with a nice finished look but that is still light and effortless looking, which is what summer makeup is all about.  And when it is fall or winter, you can layer them over your favourite lipstick or stain to give your lips a bit of an extra boost.

I know it seems like a silly, trivial thing, but I love the square container that these come in.  This puts an end to my lip gloss rolling off the vanity or table and ending up half way across the room.  Some of the reviews at mention a bad taste and smell, neither of which I noticed.  I’m really super smell sensitive, and when I put them right up to my nose I can smell a bit of an almost alcohol-like odor but I don’t notice it or a taste it when I actually put it on my lips.  It’s not a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker, so the taste and smell isn’t of berries and bubble gum, but just that kind of cosmetics smell that you always get.

For me though, the lip gloss is great.  It’s looks nice on, all of the colours are really wearable, and they last well and feel nice on your lips.  You can get the Perfect Nudes collection at for $19.99, plus $1.99 shipping, for a four pack of lip glosses.  That means that you are paying just $6.00 per lip gloss, so I don’t think you can expect to find a better deal for decent lip gloss.  I really wish that they would get these at the Costco locations here in the UK!

Even though I did receive my selection of Pati Dubroff cosmetics for free from Hatch Beauty (the company behind Beauty’s Most Wanted), my opinions are still my own and I still feel like my biggest obligation is to be honest and open with everyone here about my experience with the products.  When I say I liked, or didn’t like, a product that is the truth and not something I have been paid to say.

Dior Addict Lip Glow

I really love lip gloss and have probably way too much of it.  However, I always feel like my lips get dry and chapped too easily if they are left bare and unprotected.  Plus, lip gloss tends to give you a more sheer coverage and doesn’t seem like as much of a commitment as full on lipstick, which is perfect for those of us that are into a lighter makeup situation.  I like that lip gloss can be versatile enough for a fresh faced barely-there makeup look or a night out with smoky eyes.  And while looking fabulous, it keeps your lips moisturized and healthy too.  So, needless to say, I knew as soon as I saw the Dior Lip Glow that I would have to add it to my collection eventually.  I feel pretty good that I held out this long until there was a vacancy in my collection.

Dior Addict Lip Glow
Dior Addict Lip Glow

Here’s what Dior has to say about Lip Glow:

A made-to-measure lip balm that beautifies and durably enhances the lips’ natural colour. A customised colour result : thanks to its Colour Reviver technology, Dior Addict Lip Glow reacts directly with the unique chemistry of each woman’s lips before releasing its colour ingredient. Lips seem revived from within, amazingly fresh, full and radiant. In addition, its formula enriched with wild mango and luffa cylindrica continuously protects and moisturises. A universal balm for all lips.

I would say that the Dior Addict Lip Glow is very similar to the theory behind the Dior Nail Glow, but for lips instead of your nails.  It looks very sheer with a soft pink colour in the tube and sort of like the more upscale cousin of something like Chapstick.  When I put it on it feels light and smooth, not at all clumpy or sticky, and it looks softly coloured – neither too bright nor too pale.  It seems to really just enhance and highlight the natural colour of my lips, making them a bit more vibrant but not like I have anything on them really, just kind of shiny and healthy looking.  I find the colour that it ends up being on my lips really flattering with my skin tone, especially for a fresh makeup look.  Plus, it seems to keep my lips feeling very moisturized and healthy.

The other good thing is that it lasts quite some time, even with eating or drinking or lots of talking.  For instance, on Saturday morning I applied some Lip Glow and then went shopping and ran some errands but still could feel and see it on my lips at least four hours later, even after drinking.  I was pretty impressed because most of the time lip gloss evaporates when you drink something or just melts away after a couple of hours anyway (or maybe just one, depending).  After wearing it for a couple of days, I have noticed that my lips have felt smoother and softer too.

I’m totally hooked!  I am a Dior Addict.  I love the Nail Glow and now I love the Lip Glow too.  I love the natural, healthy, polished look and these products are perfect for that.  This is the perfect lip colour/gloss for spring and summer because of its light texture, incredible shine, and natural colour.  It will allow you to have that fresh look that is so right for this time of year.  I’m positive that this will now have a permanent place in my collection of lip gloss.  Honestly, I like it so much that I have been thinking I might get a second tube of it to keep in my purse so I won’t be without it.

I bought my Lip Glow at, however, you can find it anywhere they sell Dior cosmetics.  At FeelUnique it is £22.50, which seems to be the price everywhere I looked – Boots, John Lewis, Debenhams, and Harrods – except Amazon where it was about a pound higher.  So, really, wherever you buy your other cosmetics you can probably get this too, as long as they sell Dior cosmetics.

DHC’s Moisture Care Liquid Lipcolor

I use DHC for a few other skin and lip care products but the Moisture Care Liquid Lipcolor from DHC is the first time that I’ve tried any of their makeup.  And this is really just a baby step.  As someone that seems to perpetually have dry, chapped lips, I am constantly on the lookout for anything that will give my lips a little protection and moisture.  I have a whole array of lip gloss from brands like Sephora, Dior, Bare Minerals, Kirkland Signature Borghese, Molton Brown, and Lancome.  I like a lip colour that will hydrate and protect my lips, because I feel like it is doing double duty and requires me to have fewer products in my purse, travel bag, or on my bathroom shelves. This lip gloss is supposed to be “ultra-hydrating” for my lips and not get that sticky, gross texture that can really ruin the feel of your lips. DHC says that it is oat kernel extract that does all the heavy lifting in this lip colour:  “Oat kernel extract leaves a moisturising veil that plumps fine lines so your lips instantly look more youthful.”  Who even knew there was oat kernel extract? And who knew it could be so good for your lips?  Obviously, I’m expecting this to glide on and look perfect while also keeping my lips moisturised and looking a little plumper and less lined.


The DHC colour selection is really good for this lip gloss, so no matter what your skin tone, you should be able to find something that will work really well for you.  I decided to go with the Hibiscus (RD01) colour because it is just a little deeper than my natural lip colour and should look just right with my  makeup either day or night.  The Hibiscus colour  is really nice and works perfectly with my skin tone and my actual lip colour too.  It also matches quite well with what I expected from the colour swatch in their catalogues and online site.  It’s sometimes hard to get a colour that looks natural, which is what I prefer most of the time, but with enough colour to have it enhance your lips enough so that anyone would notice.  The other thing I like is that it is glossy and shiny, but there’s no sparkle to it.  A lot, practically all, lip glosses makers seem to think that you want disco lips now and need all kinds of sparkle.  Well, sometimes you just want shiny without glittery.  Occasionally, the sparkly stuff is terrific and can jazz up your lips on an evening out, but mostly I just want a nice gloss that has deep colour and a bit of sheen to give my lips a finished look.

The applicator is quite unique to the DHC lip colour, as well, and I like it.  It’s kind of like a cross between a brush and a sponge tip applicator; they call it a doe-foot applicator.  I’ve got both types of applicators on my collection of lip glosses, but the DHC doe-foot applicator is pretty cool and gives a bit more control and coverage when you are applying the lip colour.  The doe-foot looks like just a sponge tip applicator, however, it’s longer than they usually are, plus it is flexible more like a brush would be.  So, all of that means that when you smooth it across your lips the applicator does all of the hard work for you.  Since it is spongy it is fully covered with the colour, so you don’t have to keep dipping back into the tube.  The flexibility means that the applicator flexes and bends to the shape of your lips and you only need one pass for very good coverage.

DHC Moisture Care Liquid Lipcolor

There are a couple of claims that DHC makes that I was somewhat dubious about:  ultra-hydrating, never sticky, will firm and plump your lips.  Well, I can certainly agree that it is very hydrating and seems to protect my lips from drying out for quite a while, even after drinking.  However, it doesn’t last for hours and hours or anything, so you will need to keep applying if you want to get the most of the colour and hydration properties.  And it definitely doesn’t get that sticky texture that some of my other lip glosses get (I’m looking at your Sephora) but stays smooth and nice feeling on your lips.  Now, about that firming and plumping stuff.  Well, I just don’t see it on my lips.  My lips look just the same after I’ve had it on, as they did before, truly no difference at all.  It looks nice on, but certainly, I do not think that it changes anything about the appearance of my lips that much.  Maybe it is more subtle than I’m expecting or something.  However, I will say that it does look really nice and my lips do look nice and smooth with it on.

Despite the fact that the plumping and firming never seemed to materialize, I still really like this lip colour and would certainly get another one.  I like it so much that it’s given me the push to get rid of the stuff that I’m not that fond of in my gloss collection.

I believe that you can only purchase DHC products through the DHC website.  There are country specific websites for the US, UK, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and of course Japan, since that is where they are from.  Through the UK website, the Moisture Care Liquid Lipcolor is £14.50 for a 6.5 gram tube; it’s $18.00 on the DHC US website.  The good thing about DHC is that you get 4 samples, of your choosing, with each order.  Plus, when you get the catalog they also enclose a couple of samples, so you’re always getting new products to try.  Or, you can save the little sample sizes for travel, like I do.