Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes

Since the eye area is so delicate and is often the first to show signs of ageing, I’ve always been good about using a quality eye cream as part of my skin care routine.  For years that has been Lancome products of various types.  Unfortunately, recently I’ve noticed that my Lancome Hydra Zen eye cream has been irritating my eyes.  Sometimes they just felt stingy but sometimes they were red, which is never a good look.  So, I’ve been looking for a new product to use that would be compatible with my suddenly sensitive eyes.  Luckily for me I got a sample of Vichys Liftactive Serum 10 for Eyes and Lashes in my April 2014 Glossybox.

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes
Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes

I actually had my sample tube of the Serum 10 for a few weeks before I really started to use it much, but once I did I was totally hooked.  I loved it so much that I decided to get the full sized bottle after just a few days of using it.  One of the biggest differences between this eye product and any other I’ve tried or heard of is that you can use it on your entire eye area, including the lid, without it causing your eye irritation or problems.  In fact, that is the way you are supposed to put it on even.  It doesn’t irritate my eyes at all, even when I have my contacts in or haven’t gotten enough sleep.  The best thing, of course, is that my eye area looks better and I have noticed a definite improvement in my eye lashes too.

Vichy has formulated this to fight wrinkles, as well as strengthen your lashes.  The serum contains Rhamnose, ceramides to help with anti-aging in the long term, and instant light reflectors to help instantly with radiance of the eye area.  As with all of the Vichy products, it also contains the Vichy Thermal Spa Water.  It is free of parabens too.  If you’re like me you have no idea what Rhamnose actually is and why you would want it in your eye cream.  Here’s what Wikipedia says:  “Rhamnose is a naturally occurring deoxy sugar.  Rhamnose can be isolated from Buckthorn (Rhamnus), poison sumac, and plants in the genus Uncaria. High-rhamnose extracts from the latter have found use in anti-wrinkle creams.”  Err, okay.  It turns out that Rhamnose, which is an anti-inflammatory, has also been shown to help make skin more elastic and plump by targeting the papillary dermis, a fragile layer of cells found directly underneath the dermo-epidermal junction.  From there it does its magic by signalling all three layers of the skin to do certain things that encourage improved regeneration of the skin, and thus help improve the look of the skin and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.  You can read more about this in this article from Cosmetics magazine.  So, while I’m starting to see some results right now, apparently I’ll really start noticing the improvements after 28 days (full cell regeneration time frame).

Application instructions are on the inside of the box
Application instructions are on the inside of the box

The bottle is really tiny, just 15 ml, with a pump top.  The first few times I used it the pump was really stiff and I certainly got too much out.  Thankfully, it absorbed and I didn’t have to feel like I was wasting it.   The good thing is that the pump has gotten easier to control now so I’m able to dispense the right amount now.  The texture is very smooth and light, so you don’t want to use too much.  All you do to apply it is put a drop on your fingertips and pat it all around the eye contour area, as you do with any eye cream.  After that, close your eyes and smooth it across your entire eye area, from the inner to outer corners, including your entire eye lid and lashes.  The light texture helps it to absorb quickly and leave you with a better looking eye area right aways thanks to the light reflectors.  I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and have noticed a definite improvement in my lashes and I think my entire eye area looks smoother and clearer.  I use this during the day under my makeup without a problem, and I also apply it at night.

My one complaint about the Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes would be that the bottle it comes in is opaque so you can’t see when you are running out of it.  I would love it if it were in a tube with at least a little translucent strip.  I think a tube would be great so that I could more easily control the amount I get out, and be able to fully use the product and tell when it was getting low.  But the product itself is great and I’m glad I’ve found it, as are my eyes.

I purchased mine from FeelUnique, of course, for the full price of £25.00 for the 15 ml bottle.  And while, I feel like it is totally worth that price, you can get a great deal on it right now since FeelUnique is having their French Pharmacy brands sale right now.  Throughout the rest of the month you can get the Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes for £16.66, with free shipping, during the FeelUnique sale.  I like it so much that I ended up buying a second bottle of it since it was such a good deal right now.   You can also find this at Boots for pretty much the same regular price.  Or, you can probably find it in a host of French (or other) pharmacies on your next trip.

Up To 1/3 off French Pharmacy Brands at FeelUnique

Get your French pharmacy favourites at up to 33% off at FeelUnique in June!
Get your French pharmacy favourites at up to 33% off at FeelUnique in June!

For the rest of the month of June, you can get great discounts on the French pharmacy cosmetics brands at FeelUnique.  This covers brands like La Roche-Posay, Vichy, Klorane, Caudalie, Eau Thermale Avène, Embryolisse, and a few others.  The sale says “up to” 33% off because mostly all of the stuff is 33% off but there are a few exceptions that are 20% or 25% off instead.  Caudalie products seem to be consistently just 20% off.  It’s all quite good savings though.  But you really need to hurry because they are selling out of stuff quickly!  I’ve already missed out on a few things I wanted to try, though I’m hoping they get them back in stock before the end of the sale.

I’ve got a couple of reviews that I’ll be posting this week about some of my recent French pharmacy finds.  I’ve got reviews of the following:  Vichy Liftactive Serum 10 Eyes and Lashes, Vichy Idealia Life Serum, as well as La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub.  For the condensed version, I would have to say that they are all really great and I will be buying them again.  I especially love the Vichy Serum 10 for eyes and lashes because it works well, but doesn’t irritate my eyes at all and you can put it on your entire eye area, even the lid, without causing irritation or problems.  It is normally £25.00 at FeelUnique, but with the 33% off from the sale it is just £16.66, which is far less than the Lancome Hydra Zen eye cream that I used previously (£32.00 at FeelUnique for the same size container), but works just as well.

For years, people have been talking about how great all of these French pharmacy brands are for various beauty needs.  The big reason they get so much love is that (for the most part) they are less pricey than premium cosmetics brands but give really great results with high quality ingredients, often including thermal water. So, this is a perfect time to try them out if you are unfamiliar, but curious.   If you’re looking for some suggestions, I found some great articles that give plenty of recommendations:

Glossybox: April 2014

The theme for the April Glossybox is “Sweet Treats”.  The box is supposed to be filled with items to get your ready for Summer.  I don’t know about how successful they were in getting products that matched the theme, but there are some decent items at least.  This is the first time I used my Glossydots to pay for my monthly box.  You can get Glossydots by filling out surveys on the products you get in your box each month.  You can also get dots for referring friends too.  For 1,000 Glossydots I got my box for free this month.  I think that’s not a bad deal really.  You get 50 dots for each survey, so I give quick and easy feedback on 20 products and I get a free box.  My box came earlier this month too, which might be due to paying with my Glossydots; whatever the reason it was a nice surprise.

I was hoping for a cute floral box or something Easter-y perhaps, but it was just the regular pink box this month.  This month was all about “Sweet Treats” to get ready for Spring and Summer.  I don’t know about that, but at least everything in the box was interesting and something I’ll try.  In this box, I got two full sized products, two good sized samples, and one kind of small but adequate sample.  One of the full sized products is a makeup tool, a lip brush, so I guess that counts as full sized since there’s really no way to have a sample size of that.  I’m looking forward to trying everything, which is pretty nice and definitely far different from the lousy March box.

Emite Makeup Lip Brush L312
Emite Makeup Lip Brush L312

Emite Make up Lip Brush L312, full size tool.   The Emite lip brush has a long handle and is very soft but densely packed so it can make a nice straight line, for things like lip liner or just making sure you don’t get lipstick where you didn’t want it.  Plus, the head is slightly tapered which makes getting a nice edge much easier.  I have a nice lip brush already that is retractable and thus highly portable.  However, this one from Emite is nice for just keeping in my regular stash of brushes so that I can keep my other one either in my purse or travel makeup kit.  Or, I might just re-purpose this from a lip brush into something for eye shadow or liner or for use on my brows.  It is a nice quality brush though.  I love my Emite Makeup Eye Lash Curler that I received in one of my previous Glossyboxes, so I know that their tools are really nice.  I’m sure whatever purpose I put this brush to, I will like it just as much as the other items from Emite that I have tried.

Emite is a Swedish company started by makeup artists, so they’ve put together a full selection of cosmetics and tools that are up to professional standards but are still accessible to regular people as well; you can find out more about the brand through their website.  According to Glossybox, you can buy this lip brush for £17.00 at Emite Makeup’s website.  However, I couldn’t actually find it when I went to grab a link to it.  And I can’t find anything from Emite at Amazon or any other place online.  So, I don’t know where you can really get this lip brush, I guess you could just keep checking the Emite website.  Since they are a Swedish company, so all of the prices are in SEK/Swedish Krona, however, I do believe they will ship to the UK.

MeMeMe Beat The Blues Pearl Pink Highlighter
MeMeMe Beat The Blues Pearl Pink Highlighter

MeMeMe Beat the Blues Pearl Pink Highlighter, 12 ml full size bottle.  This is quite a bit like High Beam from Benefit, I think.  Beat the Blues is a pearly light pink liquid highlighter that comes in a bottle like nail polish, with that same kind of brush applicator too.  You can use this to brighten up and highlight your cheeks, right under the arch of your eyebrow, or on your cupid’s bow (by your lips).  You can also add a dab to your foundation, primer, or moisturizer to create an all over kind of glow and brighten your whole face.  I have found that this can be a little obvious if you put it on over makeup, but sometimes like for a party or something, that is the look you are going for.  However, if you want a more subtle effect, still the glow but not quite as bright, I have found that it is great to put it on and then put my blush over the top of it.  I get a nice subtle glow that is like fresh, young skin and not quite so in your face highlighter shiny.  I’ve also used a very teeny amount of this at the inside corner of my eye (closest to my nose), to just brighten up the area a bit.  It works great for any place you just want to lighten up a bit like that.  This is really almost exactly the same as Benefit’s High Beam, though, maybe a little more subtle overall.  I think the texture might be a tad more fluid (or watery) so it goes on a bit lighter.  I think it is best to always give the liquid highlighter a few good shakes before you use it though, to avoid any clumps or settling of anything.

You can buy MeMeMe’s Beat the Blues at their website for £5.50 for a 12 ml bottle (the same size I received in my Glossybox).  That price is really great and highlights (no pun intended) the other big difference with High Beam, in that the MeMeMe is way cheaper.  If you are looking for that same type of highlighter effect, MeMeMe is less than a third of the price of High Beam (£19.50 for 13 ml).  With that savings of £14.00 you can buy more makeup!

Tresemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo
Tresemmé Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo

Tresemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, 100 ml travel size can.  My curly hair doesn’t always lend itself to using a dry shampoo for anything other than getting some volume.  Curly hair, at least mine, doesn’t really look so great the day after I wash it, no matter how much dry shampoo I use.  Of course, if I have a day where I’m not lazy and actually blow it out, then I can get a second day out of my style by breaking out a good dry shampoo.  More often though, I use my dry shampoo to give my rather fine hair a bit of oomph, especially when I blow it out.  If you use dry shampoo to get more volume, as opposed to hair spray, you can avoid that crunchy helmet head look and have a more natural style too.  The thing I found kind of interesting about the Tresemmeé dry shampoo is that they specifically say it is for normal and oily hair; I’ve not seen anything like that on other dry shampoos before.  I’m wondering why they point that out.  To use this, or any dry shampoo, shake the can and then section your hair and give the roots a quick spray.  Once you’ve sprayed all of your hair, let it sit for a minute and then massage into the roots and brush through and style as you normally would.   I think this seems really good at getting rid of the oily build up that can accumulate (as if by magic or curse) overnight.  This works as well as my current favourite dry shampoo from Inecto made with coconut oil that I received in my very first Glossybox in July.

I received a 100 ml travel sized can, but you can get the full sized 200 ml can at Boots for £5.25 or £4.99 at Ocado.  Of course, you can add this to any Amazon UK order over £10.00 for the low low price of just £2.35 for a 200 ml can, so if you’re going to order it clearly Amazon is the way to go.  I’m going to give this one a try a few more times before I decide which I like best though, but both this dry shampoo from Tresemmé and the one from Inecto (£4.73 for 150ml at Amazon UK) are way better than Batiste.

MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil
MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil

MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil, 30 ml sample size bottle.  I had never heard of Monu before I received my October 2013 Glossybox that included the wonderful Monu Illuminating Primer.  I loved that primer sample so much that I bought the full sized product already.  So, despite the fact that I’m not really a bath oil kind of girl, I’m looking forward to trying this body oil.  This oil is supposed to leave skin smooth and lovely, and all in the time it takes you to bathe or shower.  The body oil is made from a mixture of ginger, lemongrass, and orange essential oils and active ingredients such as calendula, jojoba seed oil and vitamins A and E.  Unlike a lot of oils like this, they say that you can use it when you shower too.  To use it in the shower, you just need to massage the oil into your skin before you hop in a warm shower or you can put it on while in the shower just before you rinse off.  I always prefer a shower to a bath, so this is the method I’ll be using.  Of course, they also make it sound like you can just put it on and leave it on, no bath or shower necessary even.  The oil has that great ginger smell too, which even the smell seems refreshing so I’ve got high hopes for the oil.  The smell is reminiscint of a freshly cut slice of real ginger, and at least when you smell it direct in the bottle is really powerful.   I tried a bit on my hands, just to see what it would be like, and the smell is just as lovely on, of course, I guess you need to like the smell of ginger to feel like that.  The good thing is that it did leave my hands feeling silky soft after washing them.  I’ve been having some annoyance with dry skin on my legs lately, so I’m definitely going to try this on my legs the next time I shower.

You can buy the full sized 100 ml bottle of Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil directly from Monu for £26.00.  It’s about the same price at Amazon UK, so you could get it from there too if you are ordering other stuff.  But Monu has so many other great products to try as well that you might just want to order directly from them.  I’m a total fan of Monu now because of the primer and can’t wait to see if this oil is as good a product.

Vichy Liftactive Advanced Filler
Vichy Liftactive Advanced Filler

Vichy Liftactive Advanced Filler and Serum 10 for Eyes, 5 ml and 3 ml sample tubes.  This is a new product from Vichy to combat deep and/or vertical wrinkles.  Apparently, it is supposed to be so good that your wrinkles will appear so reduced it will be like you had cosmetic procedure done to fill your wrinkles.  That seems like an amazing claim, doesn’t it?  That dramatic effect is courtesy of pure retinol and LR2412.  They say that it is hypoallergenic, contains no parabens, and has been tested for use on sensitive skin.  And like all Vichy skincare products it also has been enriched with the Vichy thermal water too.  Here’s what they say about it on the Vichy website:

As we age our facial features become less defined and the face can look more sad and tired. This ‘sad look’  can be attributed to the appearance of deep & vertical wrinkles. Vertical wrinkles can be particularly resistant and hard to correct.
Following 10 years of research, Vichy combines for the first time two ingredients: pure Retinol, in very high concentration and LR2412 to:
-Visibly diminish the look of deep and vertical wrinkles as if corrected.
-Give you a happier look.
-Give you a complete moisturiser, suitable for sensitive skin.

The other sample from Vichy is for the Liftactive Serum 10 for Eyes and Lashes.  As you might have guessed from the name, this is a serum for that very delicate and wrinkle prone under eye area, but it is also a lash fortifying serum.  Pretty much everyone I know would like to have fewer under eye wrinkles and lines, and I am no exception.  This serum is supposed to illuminate and lift the look of the eye contours to give you a younger appearance, as well as make your lashes stronger.  The serum contains Rhamnose (whatever that is), ceramides, and instant light reflectors, plus it is hypoallergenic, paraben free, and able to be used with sensitive eyes and skin.  This serum is on the Good Housekeeping’s reader recommendation list for 2013.

I don’t really have deep or vertical wrinkles (yet), but I’m definitely going to try this on my so far very subtle lines I’m getting between my brows.  You can buy the Liftactive Advanced Filler from Boots for £31.00 for a 30 ml tube.  It gets pretty great reviews on the Boots website too. But what I am really looking forward to trying is the Serum 10 for Eyes.  I’ve been looking for a good eye cream again, especially something that actually works and is good for my apparently sensitive eyes.  Plus, it makes your eye lashes healthier and thicker; from reviews I read this does actually seem to happen too.   You can buy the Liftactive Serum 10 for Eyes at Boots for £24.50 for a 15 ml tube.  As with all Vichy products, you can also buy it in their Vichy Pharmacy stores; use their website to find one near you.

How do the numbers stack up for the box this month?  Here is the breakdown:

  • Emite Make up Lip Brush L312: £17.00 value
  • MeMeMe Beat the Blues Pearl Pink Highlighter, 12 ml full size bottle: £5.50 value.
  • Tresemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, 100 ml travel size can: £2.35 value.
  • MONU Spa Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil, 30 ml sample size bottle: £7.80 value.
  • Vichy Liftactive Advanced Filler, 5 ml sample tubes: £5.17 value.
  • Vichy Liftactive Serum 10 for Eyes, 3 ml sample tubes: £4.90 value.
  • Total Value: £42.72

I can honestly say that I didn’t see that total coming at all!  I guess the brush is quite a bit of the value, plus it more than pays for the Glossybox monthly subscription price of £12.95 (with shipping) all on its own.  That small little bottle of Monu body oil is quite pricey too.  I guess it all adds up.  In any case, this box was a really good deal and has six products that I can and will actually use.  This box is way, way better than the lousy March 2014 box, so Glossybox has redeemed itself in my eyes a bit.  But we’ll have to see what May holds.  I’m just a few months away from having a full received the Glossybox for a year, so I will have to evaluate at the end of that period and see how good a deal it really is for me

Glossybox: November 2013

I’m still trying to catch up on my Glossyboxes for the last couple of months.  And really, I had thought I would be all caught up by now.  But of course I had to get sick when flying home from New York.  The November box had some nice samples that were not necessarily things I would have found on my own, but things I’ve definitely enjoyed.  I really love the perfume sample that they included, so much so that I am seriously considering buying it.

The theme for the regular November box was “The Glossy Wishlist” and included some lovely items to be sure.  The box was just the usual Glossybox look, which means that I’ve got a whole collection of these little boxes now.  I wish they were just a touch bigger so that I could use them for more storage.  In my November box I got a nice sample of Vichy Idealia Life Serum, the small sample of Connock London Kukui Eau de Parfum, a full size Emite Makeup Micronized Eyeshadow, a full size Yves Rocher Cocoa and Raspberry Hand Cream, and a full size Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads.  I like it when I get more full sized items, it definitely makes the boxes seem worth it.

Vichy Idealia Life Serum & Smoothing & Illuminating Cream
Vichy Idealia Life Serum & Smoothing & Illuminating Cream

Vichy Idealia Life Serum and Smoothing and Illuminating Cream; 3, 3ml sample tubes.  I will say that I have not tried this yet because I’m trying to see how my Lancome DreamTone works out and these two both serve a bit of a similar function.  The Idealia Life Serum is supposed to help your skin quality by evening skin tone and fighting the effects of everyday life on your skin (pollution, stress, bad diet, etc).  Altogether after using it you should have a fresher complexion, with a more even tone, and more refined pores.  I would love to find something that can do all of that (so far, not so great with the Lancome), especially something that can even out skin tone.  I have tried several products that advertise this as a benefit, but I have yet to try one that actually seems to work.  So, I am skeptical, to say the least.  But, as always, I am hopeful that I will find something that delivers on the promises.  Apparently, this has 10 years of research and development behind it, so perhaps that bodes well for it actually working.

The other sample was for Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, which as you can guess is a daily moisturizer.  This is also supposed to help polish up your skin texture and tone, while also fighting wrinkles.  I haven’t yet tried this either, my plan was to try them together.  I love my current moisturizer, so it has a high bar to get over.  Of course, if it really would make my skin look more radiant, it would be my new moisturizer of choice, for sure.  The biggest problem with this I find, for daytime use, is that it doesn’t appear to have any sun protection.  Why would you make a moisturizer without that now?  So, despite them acting like you can use it during the daytime, I wouldn’t suggest it since it would leave your skin unprotected.  Of course, you could always add another product to give you some SPF.  But why have more stuff on your skin than you need to?

In my Glossybox I received two 3 ml samples of the Life Serum, which is 20% of the full sized 30 ml tube that costs £29.50 at Boots.  I received a single 3 ml sample of the Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, which is only around 6% of the full sized 50 ml tube which you can buy at Boots for £17.00.  I wish that they had given two sample tubes of the cream too since you usually use so much more of that and I feel like you need at least 10 days to really give a moisturizer a test.

Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum
Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum

Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum; 1.5 ml sample.  I love love the smell of this perfume!  It smells like holiday to me.  They were apparently trying to blend something that would capture the “spirit and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.”  I would definitely say that they have perfected it amazingly well.  The first time I smelled it, before I read anything about it, I thought of being in Maui on holiday.  I swear it even relaxed me a bit just smelling the scent.  The power of smell to evoke memories and feelings is remarkable and Connock have certainly played on that beautifully with this perfume.  Here’s what they have to say about the scent:

Romantic floral notes of gardenia, white jasmine, and calla lily gently fade into a sultry, woody base to enliven spirits with memories of journeys to faraway places.  This elegant floriental fragrance is built around the Gardenia flower and is complimented by a full bouquet of fresh flowers including Italian Bergamot, Moroccan Rose, White Jasmine and Calla Lily.  The scent is further enriched with Sandalwood, Vetiver, White Amber and layers of cashmere and sheer musks, completed with the rich bitter chocolate sweetness of Vanilla Absolute and Tonka Bean.

I have rarely smelled a perfume that I like as well as this one.  It has such a delicate scent that is just beautiful and lush.  There isn’t anything that strikes a sharp or “off” note with me, which is what I like or require in a perfume.  I am certainly very tempted to buy the full size of this.  But it is a bit pricey at £75.00 for the full 100 ml size at the Connock of London online shop.  Sadly, I cannot find it anywhere else for less either.  But since I never buy perfume for myself, this might be my special treat.  Plus, if I get it I might be able to feel that Hawaiian holiday relaxed feeling all of the time.

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads
Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads


Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads; full sized 20 pads.  These are something that anyone who travels should definitely have in their kit.  Or if you are an avid polish wearer, prone to the needed touchup in everyday life, these would be perfect for your purse.  This is such a better way to have nail polish remover in your purse or luggage because they are just little pads soaked in remover.  When we were returning from Australia and going to be stopping for holiday in Japan for two weeks, I really wanted some of these but couldn’t find any there.  Of course, you can never find stuff like this when you really want it, right?  But now I’ve got these available for my future trips.  These work quite well at removing nail polish and do it all without a horrible smell.  Lately, I haven’t been wearing layers and layers of polish, so I’m not sure how well it would work on thick or difficult to remove polish; you might have to use a couple of the pads to get all of your polish removed.  The remover contains vitamin E as well as other moisturizers to keep your nails and cuticles looking healthy too.

You can buy these at several stores in the UK like Boots and Superdrug.  The full sized container of 20 pads is just £2.00, which is a great price for something so convenient.  Now that I know where to get these I will definitely always keep some around.

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow
Emite Micronized Eyeshadow

Emite Micronized Eyeshadow in Nect; full size 1.48 grams.  This is a lovely eyeshadow in a colour that I would call “champagne” but they call “Nect” as in nectar.  The eyeshadow is highly pigmetized and goes on beautifully and lasts quite well too.  The colour is very soft so it isn’t dramatic but is an excellent base for a variety of eye looks.  I like it for a standard or every day choice because it makes my eye area look brighter and helps create the effortless and uncomplicated look that I prefer.  It does have a bit of shimmer to it but once it is on it doesn’t seem glittery, just enough light catching particles to really open up your eye area, I think.  Here’s what Emite have to say (translated from the Swedish on their website):

NECT is a highly pigmented eyeshadow that is completely nickel, paraben and perfume free. The pigment is micronized to facilitate the application and to create even and fine results. An excellent choice for lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes.  The micronizing process also makes the eye shadow easy to work with and counteracts grainy results. Micronized Eye Shadow is completely vegetable (contains no animal fats) and of course not tested on animals.

In my Glossybox I received the full sized 1.48 gram eyeshadow, which is great.  The compact and size are small and perfect for traveling or your purse.  If this colour doesn’t suit you, you can always pick from one of the other great colours on the Emite website.  The only place I am aware of to purchase Emite makeup is through their website, which is in Swedish but is easily enough translated into English (via a drop-down selection in the upper right corner), but all prices are in Swedish Kroner.  They seem to indicate that they will ship internationally but it will cost you 49 SEK.  For the micronized eyeshadow, with shipping, you will pay 219.00 SEK or £20.53.  For the quality of the eyeshadow I think the price is quite fair and in line with similar brands.

Yves Rocher Raspberry and Cocoa Hand Cream
Yves Rocher Raspberry and Cocoa Hand Cream

Yves Rocher Cocoa and Raspberry Hand Cream; full sized 75 ml tube.  This smells more like dessert than a hand cream.  The raspberry is the overwhelming scent that comes across to me in this hand cream.  To be honest, the smell, while nice, reminds me of a creamy center chocolate.  Even once you put it on, the lovely raspberry scent continues.  The hand cream isn’t too thick or too thin and does seem to do a reasonable job of keeping my hands feeling lovely and soft.  But there’s something that seems to leave me with a bit of a sticky feeling for a few minutes after I apply it.  After a few minutes, maybe five, the cream is fully absorbed and the sticky feeling dissipates.  But I’m not really a fan of that feeling, no matter how luscious the cream smells.

All in all, this is unlikely to be a hand cream that I would purchase but if you have the patience to wait around for the cream to totally absorb, then it might work for you.  The 75 ml tube that I received was full size and can be purchased for a very reasonable £1.95 through the Yves Rocher online store according to Glossybox.  However, when I went to the site I couldn’t find it, so I’m a bit confused.

So, how do the numbers stack up for the box this month?  I would think that it might be pretty good since there were more full sized products than samples.  Here is the breakdown:

  • Vichy Idealia Life Serum, 6 ml sample: £5.90 value
  • Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, 3 ml sample: £1.02 value
  • Connock of London Kukui Eau de Parfum, 1.5 ml sample: £1.12 value
  • Emite Makeup Micronized Eyeshadow, full sized 1.48 grams: £15.94 value
  • Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads, full sized 20 pads: £2.00 value
  • Yves Rocher Raspberry and Cocoa Hand Cream; full sized 75 ml: £1.95 value
  • Total Value: £27.94

I guess that since two of the full sized items were so cheap, the total value of the box was pretty low.  I didn’t include the cost of shipping for the eyeshadow because the price of the eyeshadow all by itself pays for this box; the shipping would add another £4.95 to the total value.   Of course, the total value of everything still more than covers the price of the box.  And I was able to find the lovely Connock perfume, so that might make it worth it all by itself.